Rose, Victoria and I walk to Rose's house so we can do our group thing with her brother and his friends


Ashton's point of view

"So where abouts are you living now that you are back?" I question Victoria

Rose mentioned that Victoria moved back here after she missed the amazing weather and good music which is ironic because well of course I am the good music around here

Victoria finally answers me and says "it's actually right next door to Ellen's house... Which just happens to be straight across from here" she giggles

Ellen moves away as she takes a phone call presumably from some boy. I sigh as I watch her jump up and down making her look hotter than normal

She comes back "sorry that was my sister patty she just told me there's a party happening on Saturday if you guys want to come" she says looking at me suspiciously

Ellen slaps my face

"What the hell was that for?" I ask

"Well you see Ash I don't like boys looking at me as if I'm a piece of pizza and two you haven't bloody answered my question! do you want to come to the party or not cause Patty wants an answer before she dies" she says sounding annoyed

Mikey and Calum laugh

Rose comes in carrying pizza

"PIZZA!!!" Ellen and I scream in sync

We laugh. This is the most fun we've had since she got so hot

We both stand up going to the kitchen by ourselves to get some drinks

I push her against the kitchen bench and whisper is her ear harshly "don't you ever embarass me like that again. just cause you got hot doesn't mean I love you as much as I love my pizza"

She kisses my cheek "don't worry ashton I'm not the one embarassing you. All you have to do is talk to embarass yourself" Ellen remarks making my skin tingle at her kiss

I put my hands on her cheeks putting our foreheads together. Why does she make me feel this way. Everytime we touch I squeal inside. And squealing is not my style

I slowly lean in and kiss her

She pulls back and slaps me

"What's wrong with you?" she yells

Rose comes in.


"Why do you two look so guilty? What just happened? Ellen? Ash?" She winks my way

I stutter

"Nothing stop thinking things up! you don't know anything! Stop assuming things"

I walk back into the room, stares directed my way

"Why did Ellen just scream at you ashton?" Mikey says

"Ask her yourself. This practice is over" I turn and walk to my room leaving Ellen to figure out an excuse

Rose comes in.


"You kissed her didn't you?" she asks

"Kissed who?" I ask, freaking out

"Ellen. She told us what happened. You jerk. Stop hitting on her. You haven't talked in months and now out of the blue you kiss her! don't ruin her life ok?" She says seeming pissed off

"That didn't happen. She obvious wanted it to though" I wink at my sister

"Jerk" she says bluntly as she leaves


I go down to the kitchen later that night only to find Ellen, Patty and Rose sitting there at the table eating icecream and laughing

"Hey dweebs" I say, watching Pattys reaction go from extremely happy to annoyance

"Hey look at that! He hasn't made a move on me yet!" Ellen exclaims seeming suprised

The other girls laugh and I leave, praying I get sick overnight so I don't have to deal with Ellen and Patty tomorrow at school


Ok this one was fun to write

💜 I need pizza now

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