(*Shannon's P.O.V.*)

~one month later~

My body is thrown three feet out of the white painted circel. I land flat on my back. I just lay there for a few seconds before I push myself on to my hand and knees. A annoying little strand of hair fall in front if my face. My eyes connect with the cold hard eyes of my personal trainer, Harry. His hand reaches behind his long dark brown curly hair to pull his hair out of his pony tail. I watch as he rolls his green eyes and turns on his heel and strides away from my crumbeled body on the floor. I look down at my already black and blue swelling lower arm. I pull myself into a sitting position and rest my bare back against the cold tile. I slightly gasp when my sweaty back meets cool tiles. I close my eyes and lean my head back to rest in the tiles. A bright light makes them squint and reopen. I watch as the door opens and let's bright light into the dim gym. A sweaty hand is placed in my shoulder and my eyes meet with amazing brown ones

"Dan" I breath out

With his hand still in my shoulder he lightly lifts my chin up to inspect my face and neck. I only had a few bruises from when Harry would punch me, but other than that I was fine. Dan didn't feel that way. He slipped his strong arms under my knees and upper back. He gracefully lifted me up and walked towards the bright light of the door. I blink rapidly to adjust from the dimly lit gym to brightly lit hallway. My heavy eyelids start to recede when a screeching comes from father down the hallway

"But Shawn! I need help! She's been knocked out a few times, and if I remember correctly she's not your pregnant girlfriend" Kylie whined gripping Shawn's arm

Shawn clenched his jaw and tried to relive his arm of Kylie's iron grasp. I knew he hated her. He hated her the minute she spoke a word to him. Anyone could tell that she wanted him, but he didn't want her. She knew he was in love with Missy, but no the little whore had to fucking walk all over her. Even after Missy was gone she acted like it was a normal day. She only acted like she was hurt to get close to Shawn. His deep annoyed voice brought me out of my daze

"Kylie, first I'm pretty sure what you need help with isn't as bad as Shannon being knocked out. She's a strong person who can take pain and for her to back out like that, it isn't normal. Second you are NOT my girlfriend, you will never be. Only Missy" he barely whispered the last part

I sucked in a sharp breath and clung to Dan. My tears threatening to make themselves known. I used all my will power to hold them back, but I was emotionally and physically drained. The last thing I remember before I slipped into a dream full slumber was Dan and Shawn's quiet whispering

"Missy!" I wail with the last strength in my body

Her blonde hair flys wildly as she turns to look at my crumbled body. She stops and looks from me to the crowd in front of us. She runs back and easily pulls my body behind hers. She full speed sprints to catch up with the person we were currently following. We finally see the person we were tracking. Just before we could attack a huge body mass is thrown at Missy and me. The last thing I remember was Missy being flung away from me and my small mass landing in the light puffy snow

I woke up from my night mare to a pair of huge arms holding me. I snuggled up into them, but slowly realized it wasn't Dan. I slowly pull away just enough to look into the green eyes of Harry. Before my mind can process I'm on the floor and glaring back at Harry

"What the hell was that?!" I yell at him not really caring who heard

"You screamed and wouldn't shut up, and I couldn't find Dan. Plus you look hot when your sleeping" he smirked at the last part

My body went rigged at what he just told me

"Wow wow slow down there buddy, your like in your twenties. I'm only sixteen" I growled at him

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