Jane's pov

What followed was hilarious, like everything we did that evening. Rydel had opened the door to the living room and we stepped into the doorway. Ratliff was lying on the couch, a blanket all over his body. And then I mean all over his body. It even covered his face.

It was pretty damn ridiculous, because the two of us started laughing, partly because the view of him covered by the blanket was quite silly and partly because of frustration. We both had no idea how to get the blanket of his face without waking him up. And Rydel nor me wanted to take the blanket away.

"I'll do it." I whispered to Rydel. I felt required to do it because all of this was my idea. And maybe I wanted him to wake up. (Now you have to imagine me with an evil grin on my face)

Rydel nodded and took a step back. I didn't completely understand why she took a step back, because she already stood quite far away from the couch but she probably wanted to give me space. Or she wanted to be able to run away when I accidentally woke up Ratliff.

I agreed with her. She better took a step back.

I tiptoed to the couch and slightly rested my hand on the blanket. My hand was shaking. Not that I was nervous. No, I was excited and really wanted to do the prank.

"Do it slowly." Rydel whispered from behind me. I turned around to see her switching on the camera and starting to film.

I turned back to the problem and slowly started pulling the blanket away from his face. It was quite hard because his face would get colder an he'd notice the blanket was gone. When I thought that I pulled blanket far enough, I stopped and went standing next to Rydel.

"Okay, first step of operation Ratliff-prank succeeded." I smiled.

"Number two starting now." Rydel laughed along. Although she could laugh quieter than I could.

"You're going to film it? Or do you want to do step 2?" I asked her.

Rydel pointed at the camera. Okay, then it was my task. I took the whipped cream out of the sack we brought and removed the plastic shell. I took a deep breath and opened Ratliff's hand so I could spray the cream on it properly.

Rydel came a little closer to get a better view. I put the cream on his hand and fortunately Ratliff didn't wake up.

"Do you have something tickling?" She whispered.

"Uhm, here's a feather." I replied, taking out a feather.

"Okay, ready?"

I smirked. Of course I was ready! "Ready to run away?" I asked her.

"No, I'm not. Just do it."

"Okay." I smirked again. I think this grin won't leave my face for the rest of the day.

I grabbed the feather and started tickling Ratliff's nose. First nothing happened. When I did it again, he sneezed. Finally he brought his hand to his nose to get the tickling thing away.

But it was the wrong hand.

"Shit!" I whisper-laughed.

"Hold his hand, so that he can only move the other one." Rydel instructed.

I wanted to take his hand, when suddenly his eyes shot open. And I screamed. He had scared me to death.

A hand met my mouth and shut me up.

"Shut up! You'll wake everybody!" Rydel hissed before running away.

I wanted to follow her but Ratliff grabbed both of my wrists with only one hand and I couldn't move anymore. I was making a plan in my head about escaping, when all by a sudden he smashed his other hand with the whipped cream on my face.

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