Task Five- Poison Study

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Cody wakes up, his clothes are still charred in the aftermath of the magma trolls. He remembers proudly how he helped Grey fight them off. Thinking of Grey he turns around. His partner had drawn the first shift and was supposed to wake Cody up when it was his turn. But now it was morning and Cody had just woken up.

When Cody looked to where Grey had been last night he saw him sleeping, he crept over to Grey, trying not to wake him up, and checked on him, he shakes Grey, trying to gently wake him up but nothing happens.

Cody starts shaking Grey madly, trying to awaken him but nothing happens.

Soon he hears Mayla's voice, he ignores it for the most part, only hearing tidbits of information. "Cure... Cornucopia."

He knows those words, and puts two and two together as fast as he can which isn't very fast, as he sits there pondering the clue he finally gets it. He gets up and runs to the Cornucopia.

By the time Cody gets there the other tributes have already shown up, he sees the careers, Bryant, Maverick and Sabrina, running away each of them with a cure in hand, that leaves Cody, Krista and Carolina-Ax, to fight for the last cure.

Cody runs through the maze, he tries to remember back to when he and Grey had gone through this maze, but he couldn't. As he began to lose hope, Krista appeared before him, she had the cure in her hand and she could only run one way, she tried to trick Cody and run by him but he stuck out a gigantic arm and held her.

"Sorry." He said quietly and smashed her against the wall, she fell unconscious and Cody grabbed the Cody, he ran, with some difficulty back through the maze, when he finally emerged he ran back to the place he'd left Grey and injected him with the needle, he slowly came to, and when he was fully awake he hugged Cody.

They sat quietly watching the sky as the faces of Revere, Carolina-Ax, Ember and Krista flashed in the sky.

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