Does He Know?

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Harry had been bought up in a rather damaged family. He never experienced the love a child should get. That's why he found love so complex.

School was no place for love for the 16 year old either. Everyone but his one and only friend bullied him. However, none of them knew what took the pain away from Harry.

It should probably be mentioned that his step dad abuses him in more than one way. It should also be mentioned that one of the ways was the reason harry had a large swollen stomach with a baby in it. Harry didn't tell anyone that it was Robin's baby because let's face it, that would make things worse. But now he got called a whore.

Anyway, harry waddled over to his locker with a hand on his stomach as he felt the baby kick hard. His best friend, and crush, Louis Tomlinson walked over and smiled and put a hand on harry's huge, round, firm stomach.  "So when is this litttle bundle of joy due to pop out?" He asked.

"She's due to come out today. I've been having contractions for weeks so hopefully today there will be a reason." He rubbed his bump softly.

"harry!!!" Louis gasped. "You shouldn't be in school if you could just give birth at any point in the day!" He added.

Harry got bad pains and his eyes widened "louis go get the nurse" he whispered and frowned in pain. He took deep breaths as he watched louis run for the nurse.

Just before Louis got back, Harry's waters broke and the head was there he didn't have time to get very far. So the nurse took him into the classroom they were nearest to and asked the teacher to leave before she lay harry down. She let louis stay and she took harry's boxers and jeans off.

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