Chapter Forty

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~3 days until Peyton leaves.~
*Peyton's POV*

"Peyton, can I talk to you?" Kellina asked from the car. "Alone..."

"Uh, can I?" I asked Katherine.

"Of course, the twins are crying. I'll help with that." Katherine said and kissed my cheek.

I walk around to the back of the house. Kellina and I are all alone. We are standing under the tree house. The cold wind was blowing through the beautiful girl's hair.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Can we kiss?" Kellina asked.

"I'm with Katherine." I say. I don't want to hurt her again.

"Listen. You and Katherine will grow old together. You will have an amazing wedding. And you'll have beautiful children. I just want one kiss. You and Katherine will have many kisses after this one kiss we will share." Kellina says.

I lean in slowly. I place my lips on hers. I place a hand on her cheek. Her hands went around my neck. I placed my arms around her waist. It felt wrong, but right at the same time.

*Katherine's POV*

There's still three days until Peyton leaves and I want to enjoy every bit of it. So, I blew the Lynch's off. I want to be with my boyfriend. We are sitting on the couch, Peyton and I, and we are watching Romeo & Juliet. This movie has always been one of my favorites.

"Hey babe?" Peyton says.

"Yes?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, you know that right?" He said, his voice almost at a whisper.

"Yes..." I laugh

"Well, than do we have to watch this? I love the cute idea of love and all but uh, let's watch Captain America or something." Peyton asked.

"Go get popcorn then." I laugh as he stands up and walks away.

"So I was thinking," Peyton says from the kitchen. I hear him rattling the plastic covering that is over the bag of popcorn, he was trying to pull it open.

"That can't be good." I laugh.

"I know, I can't open it." Peyton says and let out a small giggle.

"I was talking about you thinking." I laughed. I was looking around for a movie we would both enjoy.

"Cute." He said.

"The big, strong, handsome, smart, Peyton Graham Meyer can't open a bag of popcorn?" I laughed.

I walk over and rip the bag from his hands. I hand the bag back to him after I open it, then I just smile at him innocently.

"This is why we aren't friends." Peyton laughed and walked into the kitchen. I followed behind him.

"So? Why was Kellina with you when you came over?" I asked and sat myself atop the counter.

"I was going to ask-" Peyton stopped.

☆Peyton's POV☆

Well, I screwed the pooch on this one. I can't tell her that I was thinking about asking Kellina out, let along actually doing it. I have to cover my tracks now.

"Ask what?" Katherine asked.

"To ask if, uh," I need something fast "If she talked to you."

"Oh...and she wanted to come when you did...or?" Katherine asked quietly

"Uh, yeah. She was, uh, giving me a pep talk." I say and put the popcorn in the microwave

"You were nervous? Awe." Katherine said.

Katherine's POV♡

Does he think I'm dumb? Why won't he tell me he was going to ask Kellina out? I can read the poor boy like a book.

"Yeah. So what about those cubs?" Peyton asked.

"At the zoo?" I asked. I was fully aware he was talking about baseball

"The team." Peyton laughed

"Maybe we should ask Kellina to come out with us, and watch the cubs. Who suck." I say with edifices on 'ask out'

"Uh, yeah, that sounds, uh, fun I guess, uh, what movie did you pick?" Peyton stumbled over his words.

"Kellina and the Peyton," he gave me a weird look "Whoops. I meant Lady and the Tramp."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Peyton asked.

"You get around." I smile as he walked over and stood between my legs.

"Did she tell you?" Peyton asked.

"No, you did." I say. I placed a small kiss on his cheek. "It's okay. We weren't together."

"But, she was the reason we broke up." Peyton says softly, looking at the ground.

"No," I say and pull his head up with my finger. "You were,"

"Yeah. I'm sorry." He said and kissed me. When we pull back, I placed my forehead against his.

"It's okay. You are allowed to like other people. You just can't be alone with those people." I whisper.
Beep. Beep. Beep.


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