Chapter Four - Circles

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Kurai opened his eyes and Atsuko was above him.

"Hey! You awake?"

Kurai's vision focused and he sat up. He looked around and noticed he was in the nurse's office. Atsuko was hovering above him and noticed she had been there for a while. Kurai felt a pang as he felt his heart grow stronger, yet more vulnerable at the same time. He felt a surge of warmth grow throughout his body. Kurai felt warm around Atsuko, but why?

"Wait one second!"

Atsuko ran out the door leaving Kurai alone. As she ran down the hallway she heard voices. Atsuko looked around the corner as she saw Juliet was pinned down on the wall by Yuuki. Their mouths were moving, but she couldn't understand. Suddenly a faint sound was audible.

"Just because we (inaudible) doesn't mean we're (inaudible)"

"But.. I thought.. Fine, I'll fall in love with Kurai!"

Juliet's eyes shook as water arose from the corners of her eyes, she pushed Yuuki to the ground and ran Atsuko's direction. Atsuko ducked behind the wall and Juliet ran past her. When Atsuko looked back Yuuki was gone.


Atsuko turned around and jumped, Yuuki was behind her with his legs to his chest, his arms wrapping around his legs. Atsuko froze with a twitching expression.

"What were you doing?"


Atsuko looked around nervously and picked up a can.

"I was Uh, picking up trash! Ok gotta go!"

Yuuki grabbed Atsuko's hand as she was trying to escape.

"Can you.. Stay with me a little?"

Atsuko turned around and saw that Yuuki had a gloomy expression. She sat down next to him.

"I-I like Juliet.. I really do.. But I didn't want to admit it so I turned her away.. And now she likes Kurai.."


Atsuko's eyes shattered as it dawned on her that Yuuki liked Juliet.


Kurai was walking around looking for Atsuko when he saw a sleeping Juliet. He thought he should play with the new transfer student so he offered her a piggy back ride. Juliet opening one eye and climbed on resting her head on his shoulder.

The glass cracked

Kurai could feel Juliet's soft breathing as he surged forward. Kurai turned a corner. He saw Yuuki then as he walked towards them he saw Atsuko embracing him. Yuuki looked up at Kurai with Juliet on his back. Black and white, yin and yang. What mattered then, is now dead.

The glass yin yang shattered and the pieces dropped to the floor like hail


Author Notes

1. Good ending right : no? Ok ;-;

2. IM BACK -puts shades on- so sorry school sucks

3. Love from a crappy writer

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