Levy POV

"Its been what half a year and your already engaged. You are both only 18 this year. Are you sure you don't want to wait to make sure your not rushing things?" Erza practically yells towards Natsu rather than Lucy. The surprise of the NaLu engagement has just been sprung on us and I'm just trying to stay out of Erza's way.

"We love each other. Why can't we get married after highschool?" Natsu sternly replys back. I glance over to Lucy who has her head in her hands. This may be getting a little out of hand. Anyway, they should stop yelling, we are still at the hospital.

Gajeel gets up to separate them at least before any physical fighting starts, so does Gray. "I'm not saying you can't get married after highschool I'm just saying that don't you think that its a bit soon to be making such rash decisions?" Things are really heated between the two.

"Says the person dating her own sensei" Natsu automatically covers his mouth with his hand, realising what he has said. None of us knew about it but we all know that he obviously went too far. "Crap, Erza I'm sorry"

Erza stands there with guilt written all over her face. She goes to leave but is quickly stopped by Natsu. You can clearly see the regret written on his face. He didn't mean to bring up something like this.

"I'm sorry I said that. I had no right" Natsu says sadly.

"Nah real-" Gajeel begins to say but I cut him off by giving him a look. He automatically backs off.

"No, you didn't have a right to say it. But its true isn't it. I am dating my sensei. I'm happy and you guys will be too. I'm going. Congratulations, Natsu, Lucy" Erza sadly continues on her way down the hall of the hospital. Again sadness fills the air of the hospital room.

"Just when we thought everything was alright" Lucy sadly exclaims with her face still buried in her hands.

"Don't worry about it Lu-chan. Everything will be fine" I say trying to reassure Lucy.

"No it isn't going to be better. All because I opened my big mouth when I shouldn't of" Natsu angrily remarks while slumping down onto a chair at the other side of the room.

"I just got a text from mum, we have to go, shrimp" Gajeel says hesitantly.

"OK, as I said everything will turn out fine. See you guys later" I say and then me and Gajeel make our way out of the hospital hand in hand.

"Life as a teenager sucks" I simply say. Gajeel chuckles at me in response. Half a year left of high school, hopefully everything will be less complicated once schools finished.

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