Chapter 29

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Elizabeth's Pov

"Hey,Liz?..."I hear Niall say behind my door.

"...yeah?,Come in"I say sitting up from my bed.He opens the door and creeps his head in slowly while smiling and waving.

"You haven't slept have you?..."He asks sitting next to me on my bed.

"no,I kinda did you could say..."I say sitting up

"Liz,I know you weirdo"

"What's wrong?"He adds playfully grabbing my cheeks .

"you guys slept over?"I ask

"Stop trying to change the conversation Liz"he lays down his head on my thighs.

"I'm pregnant"I cover my face with my hands.

"you're what!?"He shouts

"Niall shut up!"I whispered

"Are you fucking serious!?"He whispers sitting up dramatically.

"...ugh yes!Niall I don't know what to do!"I says.

"who is the da-...No way!...No fucking way"

He covers his mouth

"it's Harr"

"yes! Yes it's him "I say before Niall mentioned his name

"Fuuuuuuck!"He stays in shock

"how did this happened?"He asked

"the first time we had sex was way before I got kidnapped,We used protection.The second time was different,We did it without thinking and we just went at it"

"Without anything on,no protection,no thinking,or anything like it"I say looking into Niall eyes.

"Is Harry going to be there for both of you?"he asks

""I cry

"Awwh Liz,do the guys know?"he asks again

"Shit don't let them know!"I say cleaning my tears.

"Why not ?they will notice sooner or later!"he says

"But I'm going to abort it..."I whisper

"No way! You aren't going to do that Liz that's very cruel to a child"

"If he doesn't step up for the child,then I will! But you aren't going to do some type of shit like that!"he hugs me.

"Niall it's not that simple,Harry will get pissed off if he found out I kept it and didn't let him know"I look at him.

"He told me clear he said "goodbye for good" and it just got to me really bad making me want to just give up with this thing inside me"I look on top my hands.

"What a fucken jerk"Niall looks mad.

"Please don't let him know anything.if he asks you anything just please act like you don't know or say I did abort ...I don't know lie!"I say getting up

"are you sure?..."He looks confused

"...yeah "I say

"Niall lets go" Liam shouts

"I have to go .if anything happens with Harry I'll let you know punk"Niall says giving me a kiss on my forehead and my stomach.

"bye Liz"he says

"bye.."I say.

Harry's Pov

I've been outside Elizabeth's house for the past hour,debating on whether to go and talk to her once again our talk to her parents about it .

As soon as I get off my car I see Liam and Louis waking outside the house looking like they slept over.Louis comes to me and says "hello" and gets in his car to wait for Liam.

"Liam!"I shout

"What are you doing Harry? aren't really welcomed here "Liam says as we approach to each other.

"I came to talk to Liz like always"I say.I knew they didn't know anything about Elizabeth being pregnant,or they would be talking shit.

"(Huffs) fine just wait till Niall comes down so he can leave you the door open don't get in yet ...Zayn is in the living room asleep"Liam says with a warning look.

I nod and wait.

Finally I see him coming down from upstairs...Elizabeth's room.

"Hey what are you doing up stairs?"I asked.

"That it's pretty much none of your fucking business "he says waking in front of me.

"Don't lock the door.I'm gonna go see her"I don't fight it.

He stands in front of the door and places his hand behind the door to the doorknob, locks it and closes the door.

"I told you not to lock it,what the fuck is your problem?"I push him.

"She doesn't want to see you!man up!"he pushes me back.

I hear the door unlock and quickly and it opens to lazy looking Elizabeth,God it turns me on...she looks at me and ignores me.

"Niall your forgot your phone in my bed" she shouts from the door and acts like I'm not there.

"Ahh! I knew I was missing something"he laughs and grabs the phone from her hand,gives her a kiss on her cheek and walks away.

Fire started rasing through my body,literally.

"What the fuck was that!?"I say to Elizabeth by grabbing her by the arm before she walked in.

"let go!"she tried jerking her hand away from my grip.

"So now you are fucking with Niall?,what a slut...Wait are you trying to give the baby to Niall!?"I say looking into her watery eyes making me feel like an asshole.

"I already took the pill you dumb fuck!"

"Something your mom should have done with you!"she adds making me feel completely useless .

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