Task 4 - Female Entries

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Flora Black

I woke up to a groan of frustration. Clara, who was on watch, was trying to pull her knife out from under a sleeping Winter without accidentally cutting her. I squinted, seeing a blurry figure in the distance. Maybe I needed glasses. At first I didn't notice, but over the next few minutes the figure slowly began to come closer.

"Clara." I whispered, pointed at the figure who was beginning to grow larger. She looked up, seeing the figure to. She yanked her knife from underneath Winter, who woke with a yelp. "Sorry." Said Clara quietly before pointing her knife it the figure. Soon it was close enough I could see who it was.

Alexander. Clara threw her knife, but he easily ducked the weapon. Clara let out a hiss of rage and dived towards him, knocking him to the ground. Alexander kicked her in the chest, sending her flying off him before regaining his feet. I snarled and sprinted quickly towards him. He slashed a sword but I quickly ducked underneath it, steering to the side. I darted behind him and yanked him into a headlock.

I felt a sharp pain in my side and I was shoved over as I lost my grip on his neck. Clara threw several knifes within two seconds, and Alexander dodged each on except for the last one, which hit him in the arm. I heard a voice behind me. "Duck."

I ducked down low and an axe flew over my head, hitting him squarely in the chest. He crumpled to the ground, still breathing. The axe had missed his heart but it would still kill him. Maybe.

I spun around to see who had thrown the axe; Winter. I nodded at her, before looking at Alexander, who with a grunt of pain pulled the axe out of his chest. He somehow managed to get to his feet, blood running down his chest. He yelled angrily, diving towards Winter. As he jumped towards her I stabbed him in the stomach with a knife.

Winter rolled his body off of her and jumped to her feet, while the miraculously still alive Alex did the same. He grabbed his sword and swung it at Clara, who ducked underneath it and threw a knife into his stomach. Alex yelped in pain but slashed at her again. She continued to dodge blows, until there were none to doge because I had stabbed him in the neck.

Alex crumpled to the ground and let out one final breath before his cannon sounded. BOOM! I gasped, turning to my allies. "Wow." I gasped. At the sound of the cannon Caella and Clement woke, while Aero woke when Caella screamed in his ear.

Suddenly, I heard a gong. I yelled in surprise and looked in the sky to see the cruel face of the head gamemaker. "Hello, tributes. We, citizens of the capital, have a special treat for you all." Suddenly, twelve beams of light shot from the sky, one of which was very close to me. "Remeber, trust no one."

I sprinted towards the light, weapons in my hand. It was my sister. "Felicity?" I cooed, stepping towards her. She nodded. "It's me."

Tears streaked down my face and I yanked her into a hug, my arms wrapping around her, before I saw the weapon, the spear, in her hands. Be careful who you trust... She was here to kill me.

I punched her in the face, knocking her down. Her foot kicked me in the face, and I barely stayed on my foot. Felicity jumped to her feet, throwing her spear. Winter crawled behind her, stabbing at her head. Her blows went right through her. "Run!" I shouted to Winter as I stabbed Felicity in the stomach.

She nodded and bolted, while Felicity punched me in the throat. I grabbed her ankle as I fell, pulling her down with me.

I wrapped my hand around her throat, squeezing tightly. Her face began to turn a little blue, then purple. I stabbed her in the stomach one last time before swiping my knife across her throat, ending her life.

BOOM! Almost as soon as I heard the cannon Caella ran towards me. "The cannon was for Averlyn." She explained, and together we walked back to camp.

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