Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

It was a happy night I'll remember—

A night when we're smiling together,

We shared some pain and laughter

We promised to love each other.

            I'm not jumping on this building because of her—this cold lonely night is making me. I mean, she's just my best friend, and I never saw her for a long time. After our graduation we—never get in touch with each another. She just vanished and I never get to see her again. If there's one person I want to talk to right now, it would be her—Portia. But she can't make me rethink this decision. I'm doing it and nobody is stopping me.

            Okay this is it! I'm jumping. There was this fear inside my heart—a feeling of hoping to die because it's so painful, and a feeling to stop this stupidity because it's just stupid. But it's final—I'm jumping and there's no one in this world who would be able to stop and save me. Not even her—Portia, of course—why is she intruding my mind in my final moment? Maybe, that's because she means so much to me. I just smiled remembering her.


            Goodbye, I said to her as she gets inside Mason's car. It was a red Volvo, my dream car—I don't know how to drive a car, I don't even know how to ride a bike. I decided to see her after our graduation. I felt that she noticed me so I hide against my will. I have to see her for the last time, yes, I'm leaving... and I'm assured that she'll be fine.

            Mason is an excellent guy from a good family so I am relieved seeing her with him—she looked happy. She's like a sister to me, the only one family I can consider. That's maybe the reason why I must make sure that she's really fine before I left. Mason is a popular figure in the city of Narzville and I would also go there to work but not on his company.


I love her. It keeps on entering my head again and again. This is it finally, I closed my eyes.

            "To my death," I whispered in the air as I jump from the tenth floor.


I remembered the place where I grew up. It's the orphanage, It's my home. I remembered—I do have a big family, so why am I doing this? There's sister Jaina who is always good to me, Corina and Jason were like my best buddies, and Garnet is the bully, but he is good to me.

            And I remembered her, the reason for my death, Annie. She took my heart, my body, and my soul and now I'm dead, still breathing, still thinking, still beating—my heart, I never thought it was still there, she took almost all of it when she left. My tears, I thought they've dried up already, but... I'm still crying, tears falling from the tenth floor. I have to go... Goodbye!

            I never knew what happened next. It was like I'm just asleep, I just closed my eyes, and it was dark... there was nothing I can see—only Annie's portrait, in my head.

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