After the voicemail has ended, he just sat there with his face in his hands sobbing lightly to himself. I, myself, was crying too. Chris’ father was like my other dad, he treated my like one

of his own, just like how Lisa did. He’s just a really great man and I would never forget him. I got closer hugging him tightly and rubbing his back soothingly. “Baby, I am so so sorry about this. I-I don’t know what to say.” He looked up and hugged me tight snuggling his face into my neck and started to crying even harder getting my shirt a little damp but I didn’t care. I tried to comfort him the best as I can. I stroked his hair gently telling him that everything was going to be okay, but not the same as how it use to be. He pulled up looking at me with pinkish reddish glassy eyes.

        “I gotta go tell them.” He said getting up grabbing his coat. I sniffled a bit and went to hug him around his waist. We stayed in that position for a good five minutes. “I’m really sorry Chris. I know how much he meant to you and you just lost the second most important person in your life, but it wasn’t your fault. I’ll help you get through this baby.” I said into his chest that was now heaving up and down unstably. “Thanks An. I’m so happy to have you by my side, and knowing that you’ll help me. Thank you.” He said kissing me on the top of my head.



        When we got into the car, Chris’ was driving, I noticed him biting on his bottom lip and saw his eyes start to water. “Chris, do you want me to take the wheel?” I asked worried. He just nodded and pulled over then we got out and switched places. I pulled his hand and and held it in mine rubbing small soothing circles. He stared out the window with tears rolling down his cheeks. I couldn’t but cry to see him like this. He ran his free hand through his hair pulling it in anger leaving his hair messy. He pounded his fist on the car door handle. I was stunned because I know what he’s having now. “I can’t believe my dad just fucking died.” He yelled. He let go of my hand holding his face in his hands. Shit. He’s having one of his anxiety attacks. This rarely happens, I have to find a way to calm him down. “Chris stop. Just breathe in and breathe out.” I said calmly, looking back and forth at the road and then to him.


        Of course he didn’t listen. He shut his eyes tightly kicking his feet up on the dash. He started to hyperventilate. I couldn’t let him be like this. So I pulled over to the curb and turned to him. “Chris look at me! Calm down Chris! Please!” I said trying to keep my voice in a normal tone, because if I yelled at him, he could easily get startled. “Ugh!” I grunted in frustration. I just rolled down the windows and started to drive again. Sooner or later, he calmed down a little, taking his feet off of the dash and was breathing normally again. Thank god.

        We then arrived to his house and he ran in. I turned off the engine and ran after him. When I came in, everyone was just in tears hugging each other. i walked over to them hugging them and crying too. This is just all too much. I can’t see them all like this, usually they are like this happy and upbeat family, they are all so sweet but the bad news had just wrecked us. Scott turned on the news finding a news reporter standing in front of the crashed plane. That just made us feel worse, knowing that we all won’t see Robert ever again. Just remember that we all love you Robert.


*Weeks later*

Analyn’s P.O.V

The bell had just rang and I packed away my stuff pulling my phone out to text Chris.

Me: Hey, just got out of school. Where are you? ;)

Chris: Just in my dorm waiting for you. I miss you. ;)

Me: I miss you too. See you in a bit.        

        I stuffed it back in my back pocket and got in my car. I was craving for some frozen yogurt. I already knew what Chris liked so I just got his favorites. I payed and popped the plastic lids on bringing it to the car.

Chris’ P.O.V

        “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I said as I looked down to the baggie of cocaine laying right in front of me. I sighed and pulled out a dollar bill from my wallet and rolled it. I opened the baggie and poured some onto the sink counter and put the bill up against my nose and took a sniff. It hurt at first but then minutes later, it made everything go away and I suddenly felt better. There are so many things running through my mind right now. My heart is screaming and kicking at me saying, ‘Chris, you fucking dumbass. Stop this right now or else Analyn is going to hate you for doing this.’ But for some damn reason, my mind is telling me to do it.

*knock* *knock* 

        “Shit!” I whisper yelled. I quickly stuffed the baggie under the sink. “Coming!” I yelled. I quickly wipped my nose with the back of my hand and fixed myself looking at the mirror. I jogged to the door and opened it to see her hold two white containers. “What’s that babe?” I asked sounding curious. “Since I was craving some frozen yogurt today, I got some for you too.” She handed me the yogurt and I invited her inside.


Analyn’s P.O.V


        “So how was your day?” I said kissing him on the lips. “It was great actually! I just stayed here, did some cleaning up, jammed out to some music and a couple of my buddies came around and left.” He replied putting another spoon into his mouth. “Mmmmmm! Brain freeze! Help!” I screamed and giggled. “Let me fix it.” He said smirking. He closed the gap between us and kissed me sticking his tongue into my mouth. “Ew! That’s gross.” I exclaimed. “Hey, I know you liked it though.” He said sounding concerned. “Yeah, I feel better now.” I laughed. “See?” he said. “Let me get at it again baby.” He said in a seductive voice. “Hold on, the lady needs to use the bathroom.” I said pushing my index finger against his pink luscious lips.

        “Okay, well the lady’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.” He sat back and waited for me. I sat on the toilet and did my business before I noticed that there wasn’t anymore toilet paper. Fuck. I wonder if he has any in his cabinets. I figured that it was in the sink because it was the only cupboard that he had. I opened it one handed and I searched around, blindly waving my hand around until I felt this soft plastic bag. What the fuck?


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