Chapter 1- Smoke

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*Allison's POV*

It was a Monday afternoon at exactly 3:04 pm, one minute before school was out. I care about school, I truly do. I try to do my best at all times, becasue if you're not trying your best, you're pretty much not trying at all. But I was dying to step outside these classroom doors along with the other fifteen juniors in my class.

"Allison." My friend Lauren whispered

I glanced over to her, giving her a signal that I was listening. She quickly retreated and nodded while mouthing "never mind". I hate when people do that. The bell rang, and Mrs. Fellows dismissed us from class and everyone but Lauren and I stampeded from the class.

"Hello Mrs. Fellows." I greeted while pulling out a starbucks cookie and placing it on her desk

"Awe Allison, you never forget a day." Mrs. Fellows smiled

"I wish I could stay and chat but Lauren and I have plans. I'll catch up with you later Amanda!"

Lauren and I both walked out of the classroom and on our way to our lockers.

"I didn't know we had plans..." Lauren said confused

"Well now we do!" I snickered while putting in my locker combination

"So, what are we doing?"

"I got us a tree."

Lauren blankly stared at me as I opened my locker. Lauren has lived with my family and I for about a year now. Her father had moved away to the United States because of financial issues. She had never had a real Christmas tree to decorate during this time of year so our family decided to do her a favor.

"NO YOU DID NOT!" She screamed with excitment

Lauren grabbed on to me as tight as she could and spun me around.

"Alright, alright are we going to go home or not?" I asked

Lauren threw me my keys and we walked out to the car.

"So what are we going to put on it?" Lauren anxoiusly asked as I stepped into the car and turned the ignition

"On what?" I asked

"The tree dumbass!" She retrorted with a giggle

"Lights, ornaments, tinsle, whatever you want I guess."

I could feel the happy vibes in the car just by looking at her. I could tell this meant a lot to her and that  what I did couldn't make her happier. We pulled into my driveway and stepped out of my Range Rover. Lauren galloped into the house and greeted my parents at the doorway. My parents were almost like her parents. I was an only child so I Lauren was like the sister I never sad. I locked my car door and walked inside.

"Hey there Allison!" My father greeted

"Hi. Lauren and I are going to work in the family room on the tree." I said

"The place is yours! The lights and boxes of ornaments from the attic are all in there." My mother allowed

Lauren jumped in the air and sprinted up the stairs and into my room. I quickly followed her almost tripping on my own feet. I walked into my room to Lauren already opening my laptop. She sat down on the spin chair next to my desk and pulled up Google.

"What are you searching?" I asked while brushing my long blonde hair in front of my mirror

"Christmas oraments." She said sounding determined

"You're looking at pictures of ornaments?" I asked

"No buying them." She answered

She pulled up a website with over one million ornaments.

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