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Chapter 1

Carter's POV

"This is love. This is that unbearable feeling-"  No...Crash. Come back.

That whole night played over and over in my head- in my dreams. Every time I woke up before the sirens but this time, I woke up somewhere other than my bed. 

I sat up and remembered how I got here. A motel room? Where is Lori? Where's my phone? I have to call mom, surely she tracked me right? She'll be here any second, I know it. 

I got up to look for my phone but sat right back down with the migraine that just crashed through my head. Crash.

It shouldn't have happened the way it did. He should have turned himself in but he left me no choice. 

Unfortunately, Crash is the last thing that is on my mind. The door is locked from the outside, which I don't how that's even possible. Lori is nowhere in sight and I have no idea where we are, the phone is disconnected and the only window is the tiny one in the bathroom that not even Grant could fit through. I look around the drawers trying to find a brochure, map or something that'll tell me where we are but no luck.

There is a toothbrush and coffee ready on the small coffee table and a note. 

"Morning, baby! I ran out to get you some clothes to wear since we left in a hurry. I'll be back in an hour. There is fresh coffee and don't worry- I'm gonna grab some breakfast on the way back. Love you!"

What the hell? Left in a hurry? More like kidnapped (for the second time!) in a hurry. I don't know why this wasn't so clear before. She isn't okay. She never was. 

I try banging on the walls and the doors but suddenly everything gets tighter, the air gets thicker and I find myself on the floor by the bed. 

How did it get this bad? Why am I locked in? Why would my own mom lock me up like a hostage? Because I am. 

I dare myself to think the worst and imagine never being found. Never seeing Taylor or Grant or mom. She must be going crazy. If she put out an Amber Alert when I willingly ran away, I can't imagine what she'll do when it was an actual abduction. Contact the pentagon?

God, where is she?  I glance at the clock, its 10 but I don’t know if its night or day. Surely I couldn’t have slept through the night? There's light under the door but I don't know if it’s from a hallway or actually daylight.  

I pace the room while the minutes pass as if they were hours and finally after 15 excruciating minutes Lori starts unlocking the door. 

"Good! You're up! We gotta get on the road!" She says as she takes her baseball cap off. 

Suddenly everything I worked up in my head vanishes. I forget everything I wanted to say to her and just feel heavy. Like I want to get swallowed up by gravity. 

"Baby, I know everything happened so fast but I had to think on my feet. Now we can be together! Isn't that what you wanted?" She starts walking towards me and I back away. I eye the door because she didn't lock it and she follows my gaze. She sighs and goes to lock it. 

"I think you just need some time to think. I grabbed some muffins, banana nut -your favorite." 

"Lori-Mom, I'm scared. I know you would never hurt me but this looks a lot like a hostage situation right now. Where's my phone? I want to talk to Taylor and Grant." I say and lean against the wall.

"You can call them when we get to where we need to be. I understand you have siblings now but we can't risk it honey." She says and starts pulling clothes out of a bag. 

"No, you listen to me. You kidnapped me, against my will! I don't want to be here and I don't want to run away with you. Don't make me say these awful things, Lori. Just let me go and I won't tell Elizabeth where you are. You can get a head start but please just let me go!" I run towards to door and try to unlock it but I know there's no way its opening with out a key. 

"If that's what you really want..." She starts crying and the words get lost in murmurs. 

I feel like my heart is sinking but I don't acknowledge it. 

"Please just unlock the door, I'll get home. Don't worry." She looks at me but doesn't move. 

"What did they give you that I didn't? Siblings? Your own freaking bathroom? We we're happy! I can't believe you would turn your back on your mom." She cries out but grabs the keys anyway.

She shoves them in my hand.

"I did this for us. When you find out the truth it's going to be too late, Carter. I'll be too far away. You'll realize how big of a mistake you're making."

"Well then tell me! What is this secret that I'm supposed to find out?" I scream out but she doesn't answer. 

"Ask David." She says and locks herself in the bathroom. 

I grab the keys and step out. It's nighttime. I go to the lobby, borrow their phone to get a taxi and pray that Lori is wrong. That I'm not making a huge mistake by leaving the woman that raised me.

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