Chapter 3

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I finally forgave ross. It was about 2 days later. But he is just I don't know how to explain it. He does stuff to me it's like he has a voodoo doll or something because I just can't control myself.

"I want to fuck you so hard right now" he whispered in my ear as I was dancing in him. "Let's go"

We were at his friends house and he was drunk.

"No I'm dancing right now" I whispered back.

"I said let's go" he said his voice getting angrier every word.

I stopped dancing and looked at him "no" I said.

"I said now"

"Make me" I said challenging him.

he grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the bedroom upstairs.

He pushed my against the wall. "You are gonna get it extra rough tonight baby" he said seductivly in my ear it turned me on I'm not gonna lie.

I mean he's so fucking sexy.

His face

His hair

His abs OH is abs

"Oh yeah you got to show me first" I undid his leather jacket as he started to kiss my neck leaving small little love bites.

His hands found there way to the zipper of my black dress and undid it than let it fall to the ground.

I undid his jean pants seeing the huge bulge in his pants.

I was just in my underwear and bra now he was in his boxers.

He grabbed my hips and moved them on his. Going around in circles.

"You call this rough?" I said.

His hands gripped my hips tighter than He started biting my neck so much harder.

I moaned at his touch.

"Come on baby show me what you really got" I said pushing him in the bed and taking off his boxers.

He's really not so different when he is drunk than sober like he is still him. But when he is high oh no you gotta watch out.

I started moving my hand back and fourth on his member then started massaging his balls. "Mmm" he moaned.

I took off my bra than slid my boobs up and down on his member. I moved all the way up to his mouth and roughly smashed our lips together.

He removed my now wet panties and threw them on the floor somewhere.

I lined up his member to my entrance than he roughly inserted himself into me.

He started pounding harder and faster.

"Ross!" I screamed. "Oh my god" I moaned.

"B...babe" he breathed out.

I rode him for a while then he removed himself from me. He moved his fingers to my entrance and inserted one making me more wet then I already was. He then inserted another finger moving them around. He finally entered three making me moan with so much pleasure.

"Ross" I moaned out his name. He took his fingers out and put them in his mouth. He then moved his mouth down to my entrance and moved his tongue all around. Licking me dry.

After he was done with that he lined himself up again and started rocking his and moving me up.

"I'm close" he said.

I felt warm liquid pore into me than ross fell next to me breathing heavy.

"Next time you better do it harder" I smirked.


Ohhhhh ;) little dirty for ya!

So I am just making this a short book nothing to big.

But I hope you Guys like it!





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