Chapter 48

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Lauren's P.O.V

"Whats up with her?" Lisa asked.

"I dont know, go check on her." I answered.

Lisa shrugged and walked upstairs. I sat on the couch beside Katherine and Amy as Christina started the car.

"Dani has been acting very wierd." Katherine spoke breaking the silence.

"I know right, she must really not wanna go live with Jason." Amy said.

"Christina and Dani feel the same way. Dani the most though, you know after the whole dad thing." I whispered quietly.

Amy and Katherine nodded their heads, "I still cant believe he did that. It gives me nightmares." Amy shivered.

I sighed, "Me either." I sunk down into the couch sadly. When suddenly I heard several piercing screams.

I stood up noticing the scream was Dani's. My face turned red as I turned to my sisters, "Calm down Lauren. We'll figure this out." Katherine grabbed my hand but i yanked it away and ran upstairs.

There I found Dani throwing things, yelling, shouting and Lisa trying to calm her down. But Dani wouldnt stop. I rushed to Lisa, "What happened!"

"I tried to talk to her! But then she lost it and started doing this! She nearly hit me in the head with a guitar!" Lisa yelled.

I ignored her foolishness and rushed to Dani. Dodging all the objects, I grabbed Dani making us fall to the floor. She began crying her eyes out. I hugged her tightly removing the book she was going to throw out her hands. "D-Dont make me g-go!" she cried.

"Whats going on?" Lisa asked.

"Can you guys give us a minute? Please?" I asked.

They stared at me wierdly then left. I lifted Dani's chin, "I think its time to talk to mom now." I whispered.

She shook her head, "I dont wanna."

"Dani, we have to."

"NO!" she yelled, "Its not that easy!"

She smacked my arm away then stood up which caught me off guard.

"You didnt experience what I did!"

"I know but-"

"YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING!!!" she shouted.

I felt tears stinging my eyes, "Dani I-"

"NO! STOP!!"

"LET ME FINISH!!!" I cried.

She started screaming louder, then stormed away. As she tried opening the door she knocked over some glass. It made a loud shattering sound. I ran to it and realized what she knocked down. I felt warm, fresh tears slide down my face. Dani saw too and gasped, "Lauren Im so sorry.." she whispered.

I picked up the shattered glass and held it into my hands, "Y-You destroyed it."

I looked up at her and saw her guilty face, I began to speak again. "This was one of the most important things to me, and you ruined it." I said quietly.

She placed her hand on my shoulder but I moved away, "I- Its gone." I whispered as tears began to spill.

"Laur. You have no idea how sorry I am!" she pleaded.

I shook my head, Then Katherine and Christina burst into my room with worried expressions. They looked down at me and their eyes widened, "Is that-"

"Yes." I answered.


"Dani knocked it over." I answered once again.

Still holding pieces of glass in my hands, I realized blood was piercing out my hands. I began to cry. "Aww Laur dont cry!" Christina said rushing to me. Then Lisa and Amy came upstairs then stopped as they saw glass.

"Dont tell me thats what I think it is.." Amy said.

I nodded sadly, "I'll never get it back, this was the last one I had. The only one I had, and now its gone. Because Grandma's gone. She cant make me another. She cant fix it. Now I have nothing to remember her. Thanks Dani."


Yea, okay, dramatic chapter. Im under alot of stress and pressure lately which is why I didnt update. Lets just say I've been crying ALOT. Anyways.. I hope you liked the chapter..

Shoutout to Katherine Cimorelli. I feel like she doesnt get enough attention! :) Who agrees? She is an amazing singer, and beautiful as well!!

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