Two bands collide

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So it's the day of the concert and I'm literally setting up right now. I'm looking around me and straight ahead is Jaime holding hands with Kellin, to my left is Tony and Rachel making out, behind me is Mike and Gabe, and my right is the rest of the band actually doing stuff. I go over to help the band

"Hey! Pass me the mic" I yell to one of the dudes setting up.

He tosses me the microphone and I start testing it out.

"Do you know. I count you're heartbeats before you sleep. I bite my fingernails to bone" I sound pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

I look behind me to see my girlfriend dresses in a beautiful blue dress with a belt on.

"Why can't you look like that" Tony says to Rachel.

"Shut the fuck up Tony."

"Hey Kellin? Where are we going for that dinner?"

"It's a surpriseeeeee" he says in a three year old voice.

"Remind me again why you like him?"

"Well, he-" but we cut him off by calling our stage manager.

So about three hours later, we are all ready for our v.i.p ticket holders to come in. I say into the little chip on my shoulder "Bring the VIPs in."

About five minutes later, screaming fan girls come running up to us, but one in particular stands out to me. She's shy, stays to the back, and seems like she would spend most of her time on tumblr. When we get down to her, she asks us for an autograph and says "you saved me" almost in tears. I walk out for behind the table and give her the biggest hug I've ever given a fan.

"You have to promise me never to even think about doing anything like that again. Please."

"I swear."

"No. I think promises better" I say smiling a little.

Rachel and Chelsea then jump off the stage and take her backstage. When they came out, she was so happy. She took her seat in the very front row, and all throughout the performance, she had the biggest smile on her face, even when she was crying. After the concert, we said our goodbyes, but we let her stay longer just because. When she had to leave, the moment she walked out of that door, I said "what did you say to her?"

"Well, let's just say she won't ever do that again."

Rachel whispers something into my ear

"Also this won't be the last time you see her" she says while we both laugh.

"What's so funny" Tony asks

"Nothing" we both answer.

We go to the tour bus after packing up, and we walk in to find the girl asleep in the back row.

"She used to live with her parents, but both died, so now she's living on her own" Chelsea explains

"Well... Now she lives with us" Rachel says with a convincing smile.

"Fine. But only because it'll keep her from breaking the promise."

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