"Will!" I screamed once I pulled the door open instead if pushing it. I pushed on it first and screamed Will's name outside like an idiot and got a few glances.

"Dawn? Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. I just need you to do something for me." I stopped myself and looked around to check no one was in here. I looked at Will who seemed to be scared.

"I need you to show me the cameras of all the city." His face went back to normal.

"Oh yeah sure. Just wait a few more minutes. Mary is going to be here in 5 minutes.

" Seriously!

"No! I need you to do this like now, Will." I slapped my hand on the counter making Will flinch.

"Y-yeah. Oka-y." He walked ahead of me. I looked at the bottom of my hand and it was red. I shouldn't have slapped the marvel counter.

That's what you get for being demanding.

Shut up, subconscious.

Another bookshelf, opened, but this one was different from the one that leads to Lisa's office. You just went in and the room was there. The screens showed surveillance of the whole city.

There were about 30 different computers in the room. You had to watch your step occasionally so you would face plant the floor.

"Thanks, Will. I am sorry about earlier." He just nodded and left. The way he left in a hurry made me wonder if I really scared him. I am usually calm, but when someone kidnaps your partner it gets personal.

Really personal.

I sat on the rolling chair in front of the screens. My eyes scanned the screens. It was hard having all these screens and only one pair of eyes.

My eyes only stayed on each screen for 5 seconds I watched out for Marcus and his people. You would think it would be easy to find them when right I front of you are all these screens of cameras around the whole city, but no.

I watched and watched a little bit more.

The minutes turned into hours. I had even texted Will to bring me some food. He was nice enough to get me some uncrustables. Punk couldn't go to a fast food place and get me some unhealthy, but decent food instead of five uncrustables and a diet Fanta.

I thought about giving up on finding Jay. His dead anyways, right? The kidnapping happened like a week ago, so the odds of him being alive are small. He could be decaying about right now.

Lisa wasn't too worried about him when I told her he hadn't come to work in a week. He must play hooky a lot then. I really don't know.I got Jay's iPhone out and looked at the pictures of the men and Marcus.

As I was eating my last uncrustable, which I dropped when I jumped up, I saw one of Marcus's men coming out of a fast food restaurant. He was holding a large amount of food in his hands.

"Got ya! You piece of scum!" I screamed at one of the screens. I grabbed my jacket and headed out the back door of the store. The bookstore was closed by now.

The restaurant was not even that far from here so I ran, than I realized that I am going to have to follow him to Marcus's den.

He was getting in his car by the time I got to him.


I stayed a few cars behind him. Marcus could have warned him about me. I just want to get to Marcus and see a perfectly breathing Jay.

I felt like we had driven for a long time before he finally stopped at a fairly big house. It looked poorly built and a few ceiling tiles were missing. I made sure to park a few cars away from him.

Wouldn't want to be noticed. It was like the only house that looked like it would collapse any second. Was it even safe to sleep in? I made my way to the house.

As I near it, I became more cautious. Maybe they are too busy eating their unhealthy food to notice me making my way to the back of the house. I could climb a window or go in through the back door.

I clearly didn't think this through. I sighed and ran my hands through my hair messing it up. I really didn't care. I inhaled a deep breath and turned the corner.

The door was only just passing window. It may be the kitchen window, but then it can be some other room. The odds though. I stopped as I reached the window. I squatted down under the window.

I took out my iPhone and put the camera on. I adjusted it to the front camera and raised my hand high enough to take a picture. It was the kitchen, but no one was in there. These men probably didn't know how to cook.

Would explain the fast food. I stood up and opened the door to the kitchen. What am I getting myself into? To late to back down.

The floor squeaked when I stepped inside. I closed my eyes scared to open them. No foot steps were heard so I kept moving. I checked the living room too. No one was here. The house looked as if no one lived here. There was furniture and everything but it lacked breathing human beings.

"Where the crap are you,Jay?" I whispered to myself. I hit my head on the wall like if I was going to help. It's hollow! Secret rooms would explain all of this. I placed my ear to the wall and I could hear voices getting closer and closer. I hid behind the couch.

"Dude! That was epic." One said.

"I know! Did you see Jay?" The other one said.

Jay is alive. Sadly. I went in before the door closed. I went down some stairs. I could hear laughter. What were they doing to him? The closer I got, the more I wished that I would get out of this alive. And Jay too.

Can't leave him here and Lisa be disappointed in me.

I then took out my gun from my boot. I hate using them, but what if they start shooting.

The door was now inches away from me. I kicked the door open and pointed my gun at whoever was there.

Everyone went silent and I couldn't believe I had actually came all the way to find this. I put my gun down and inhaled and exhaled deeply. This can't be happening to me!


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