Chapter Seventeen

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I spent almost a full month hanging out by myself, trying to avoid Sam, since she hadn't apologized. Jamie had come over a few times to try and fill me in on everything, but I didn't really care to hear about how Sam's mom had bought a boat, or how Sam was passing all of her classes with straight A's. I just wanted her to say she was sorry, and then we could eat everything and watch stupid movies on her Netflix account. But that was probably never going to happen ever again.

Jamie did tell me that the whiteboard was still at Sams house, but nobody had gotten any kind of action in a while, so it was still a tie between Jamie and Sam. Honestly though, I was still winning with my nine.

It was September 11th, and my trusty skinny jeans were starting to get a bit tight, but I pulled them on anyways. I decided that I was going to get out of the house today, since I'd just received the check from the government program. I needed to go grocery shopping like a normal person, but I had put it off until I was left with a gogurt in my fridge for breakfast this morning and that was it. I pulled on a sweatshirt, and some flip flops since I was going for comfort, not fashion. Sam would probably say something like, Don't dress like a homeless person, you aren't one anymore." and I'd reply with something like, "Shut the fuck up." and we'd all laugh then go get frozen yogurt or something. But no, I was standing in my living room alone, in clothes that are a bit to tight, having to go grocery shopping alone. I made sure I had everything in my bag before I opened the door.

"uh, shit sorry, are you busy?" I hear the familiar voice ask before I could actually look up. He was a little flustered like he had been running

"What are you doing here?" I ask, stunned by his sudden presence

"I was wondering if we could talk?" He asked, scratching the back of his head

"I guess, but you're going to have to talk and walk because I have errands to run." I explained. It was silent for a moment while he caught his breath, and I started down the stairs of my apartment complex. Once we got to the sidewalk, he started to try and make small talk.

"Listen, I know that you're not here to see how my day is going, so what do you really want to talk about?" I confronted him

"I just really want to know if I'm the dad." he admitted

"I honestly don't know, and I probably won't know until it's born. I don't understand why you're so concerned. You aren't going to have to take care of the thing." I said, shrugging

"I want to help though." he urged

"You really don't have to do that."

"I know that I don't have too, but I think that you're going to need help. You don't have a job yet, do you?" he asked

"Well, no, but I've applied for as many places withing walking distance. I think I have a pretty good chance at  that little taco place by the apartment." I explained, trying to get him off my back

"Just think about it. I'm talking to this guy who works at Lupe's, and he says they are looking for part runners." he said proudly

"You don't know a single thing about cars." I said, rolling my eyes

"Maybe not cars, but remember that time I helped Colin build his motorcycle? I learned a lot from that." he said. At this point, we had arrived at the grocery store, and he was grabbing a cart.

"I don't know Cam." I hesitated, "Are you just trying to find a place to crash?"

"No, I've got the hotel for that, I just feel like I owe you something." he explained

"Let me think about it. In the meantime, will you grab me some grapes?" I asked. He walked away to the fruits, while I went to get bread. Grocery shopping took around an hour, and Cameron insisted on carrying almost every single bag back to the apartment himself. Then he felt the need to put everything away until he was satisfied with how it looked.

"But seriously, I want to help you out." he said, before opening the door to leave

"I know. I'll think about it. Go home and get some rest. You look like you've been hit by a truck." I laughed

"I'll come over tomorrow." He winked, then headed out. I stood on the front balcony, watching him walk away. I stood out there a bit longer, until I saw a familiar car pull up in the parking lot. I raised my eyebrows, waiting for the owner to get out of the car. When she got out, I knew something was wrong. Her makeup was smeared down her face, and her clothes were a bit disheveled.

"Sam? Are you okay?" I asked, starting to walk down the stairs towards her. I could hear her quiet sobs as I got closer. She couldn't even say anything, just shook her head back and forth. Once I got to her, she flew into my arms, hugging me as if we hadn't seen each other in a year. I ushered her up the stairs and in to the apartment, where it was more private and warm. She cried for another fifteen minutes as I tried to figure out what was wrong, "Sam, you've got to tell me what's up. I can't help you if you just cry." I explained

She took a deep breath, then started, "My mom told me that I was being a slut, and she was going to send me to a private school if I don't stop this stupid game, and I told her she was being a bitch, so started yelling really loud and pushing me around then she told me to get the hell out of her house and I didn't know where to go except for here, and I'm really sorry for everything." she cried, saying the entire thing in one breath.

"Honestly, this was the stupidest fucking idea I've ever come up with." I tried to console her

"No it's the best idea ever, because I realized that I can't keep trying to impress my mother. I needed to learn to be myself, and so did Jamie." Sam said, sniffling. Her tears were starting to dry up.

"I missed you." I said after a while

"I missed you so much, you don't even understand. And I really missed my niece." she laughed, putting her hands on my stomach. We sat in silence for another few minutes, until Sam laughed.

"What?" I asked, concerned for her sanity

"I guess I should have asked if I could spend the night, instead of just assuming."

"Of course, but you have to buy me some Taco Bell." I laughed

"Let's go get Jamie, and make it a girls night." She squealed. She straightened up her makeup and clothes, then we were off. All of this had made me realize how much I missed my friends.

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