Chapter 4

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Mason's P.O.V

I dragged this girl out into the woods and pushed her up against a tree, ignoring the sparks running through my body. I don't know why but I'm oddly attracted to her. I feel the need to touch her, protect her and love her. Which just makes me mad because I'm not suppose to want her. She's a monster. The same kind that killed my family.

I look into her eyes and I can't look away she's so gorgeous. I feel like I'm drowning in her light blue eyes. She smells amazing like strawberries and flowers. God I sound like a chick but I can't help it. She's like a drug. She clears her throat and I realize I am staring . I look away embarrassed a light blush coloring my cheeks.

"What's your name love."

She looks away and starts staring at her feet. I place my hand under her chin tilting her head to face me. "Don't ever hide that beautiful face from me again." I said seriously. I don't know what's going on with me ugh!!

"My name is Isabella but you can call me Issy."

"I like Isabella it suits you. Oh and I'm Mason by the way."

"It's nice to meet you Mason," she says with a small smile.

God I love her smile. I can't have this attachment to her. She is a dog for God sake."You too, Isabella. Now I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm going to let you go. Just make sure you never come back or else next time you won't be so lucky." I reluctantly say. I can't imagine never seeing her again. Which is why I had to end it now before it's to late.

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