Chapter 2

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(Bea's POV)


"Told you." I can hear a small whisper on my side and you can tell its Harry Styles.

End of flashback.

/In the cafeteria/

"Umm, Bea?" I woke up to reality when a hand is waving in front of me. Zee's hand.

"Youve been like that since were in the cafeteria."

Dont tell me after Science class, I kept on thinking about that jerk. Well to be honest, I did and I cant stop. Hes just so so so annoying. I mean, no one would ever dare to annoy or threaten me. I guees that guy never knew about this school much.

"Zee is right. Have yyou been thinking about Mr. Styles all day?"

Sel said dreamly.


"Its pretty obvious he got you." The two girls high fived each other, eating a half of a carrot.

"You guys. Im not really in a mood right now especially when you just make it worse." I dont know why I aint feeling angry instead I feel this flow of awkwardness. Now that these two witches are making it worse -__-

"So, what are you gonna do then?" Zee smirked, eating half of her fries.

"I dont know. what else do I have to do then?" I exclaimed, pouting. I just hope when my friends will just come up an idea to help me but surely they wont. I know my friends, they just make people's problems worse.

"Well, do you wanna know more about him?" Why are these girls asking me these questions anyway? As if I care at all.

"Ugh." Thats all that uttered out of my mouth, frustrated than ever.

"Alright. We wont talk about him. I know youre just feeling a new emotion." The last sentence came out as a whisper and thats Zee. What new emotion? suppose to ask that question but I kept my mouth shut.

"Oh em gee!!! Do you know whats this means Zee?!" Sel.

"What? what?! tell me!" Sel leaned over to whisper something in Zee's ear and I know they are like treating me invisible.

Both girls shouted and shrieked. The hell happened to them?! Hands are waving crazy and they almost fell out of their seat.

I heave out a big sigh of frustration. They want to talk about him eh? why dont they just talk straight to me?

"You guys! Both of you are sick. Now tell me." Zee and Sel didnt answered, but their mouths are shut closed that it looks like its about to spill secrets.

"Well?!" I impatiently ask, tapping my finger on the table.

"See, theres a big possibility you can fall in love!" They both shrieked, that it looks like they are about to fall off the chair.

Fall in love? my mind is blank, nothing to think of but the truth is, I have a lot to think of and I never even knew what to think first. Firstly, why would I fall in love to a jerk? A big shitty jerk? I know he will just cause nothing but trouble.

"Like I've explained it to you how many times! I told you guys that--" My sentence is cut off when a beep rang on my iphone.

I swiped it open and found a message from Sean. Sean is my friend, also a partner of mine and my collaboration. We help ourseleves in making songs that we can play to the whole school. I love to compose and sing too you know. Because of Sean being the best composer and the best rapper in our school, he is well known to be Big Sean. Yes, the guy I explained awhile ago.

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