A/N: Italic sentences between brackets are point of views, this part of the chapter needs both of Luke and Ashton's point of views. 


"I Love you" Ashton said. 

"Sorry, what??" Luke said, not sure what to say. 

"I said, I love you" Ashton repeated. 

"Hahahaha" Luke laughed "You're hilarious Ash!" 

[Luke's POV: I tried to stop laughing and catch my breath.] 

[Ashton's POV: My eyes started to burn from his reaction and his unpredectable respond.]

"Why are you laughing?" Ashton asked, frowing 

[Ashton's POV: I asked trying my best not to frown.]

"Because the joke seemed too funny, So tell me whos your crush?" 

[Luke's POV: This gotta be a joke, oh my god.]

[Ashton's POV: I tried to fake a smile but I failed.]

"Luke, you are!" Ashton said, Luke started to look serious. 

"What" Luke asked. Ashton sighed.

"Ok let me just bring it out, I've been holding this for four years. You've no idea how much it hurts" 

"What the hell!?" Luke cuts, he looked uncomfortable. 

"Just let me explain. Luke, we met 4 years ago, I mean, Luke I've been holding this feelings to you since we met! I know this is all wrong to fall in love with you but I couldn't stop myself. My heart dances every time I see your face. You change my mood whenever I'm upset. Luke!  just hearing your name makes my heart smile and every time you call my mine my heart skips a beat. If I ever recive your texts I ignore everything just to check them. Your smile lights up my world, Your voice makes me melt, Seeing you smiling has always been enough to make up a bad day of mine!" Ashton explained. 

[Ashton's POV: My eyes started to burn, I wish he understands.]

[Luke's POV: I couldn't respond to any of his words, this is all unpredictable! What about his promise!! I can't hear more, I wish he would just stop and walk away, I can't stand this.]

"Luke?" Ashton asked. 

"Ash, Can you let go now?" Luke asked. 

[Luke's POV: I'm so mad, I neither wanna see his face nor hear his voice.]

[Ashton's POV: I ruined everything.] 

"But.." Ashton tried to speak but out of nowhere Luke cuts yelling "OK STOP THIS BULLSHIT!! LEAVE ME FUCKIN ALONE!!" 

[Luke's POV:  I couldn't hear his voice! My mind rejects him. I don't know why but I feel that him admitting that he loved me, grew hate inside me.]

[Ashton's POV: My eyes burned and a tear escaped my eye. I feel terrible.]

"Just talk to me!  I can't leave you like this!" Ashton said. 

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