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Loki stood on the balcony of his rooms, staring at what could have been his when three faints knocks sounded on the door. He turned around, Anthony Stark walked through the door as he expected.

"Ah, hello Stark." Tony said nothing just crossed his arms angrily. "Did I interrupt something?" 

"Actually yes," Growled Tony. "What do you want Loki?" He knew exactly what it was, he knew what Loki wanted. 

"I can tell you already know, and you were given permission from Banner to do this. Also I am not telling or making you do it, simply asking if you want to." Tony nodded. 

"You make a great point. Alright, sure, why the hell not. JARVIS, lock the doors." A faint click came from the door that led to the hallway. Loki walked to his bedroom, Tony following him. He shut the door behind himself and looked at Loki. He began to take his shirt off on his own, Loki now following his lead. 

Soon both were nude and laying in the bed, staring at the ceiling in an awkward silence. Than, to Loki's surprise, Tony rolled over facing the God and looked at him. Loki lazily faced his head towards Tony. The Arc Reactor's light was bright in the darkness of the bedroom. Loki pushed his face towards Tony and kissed him gently on the lips, putting each of his hands on one side of his face, he lifted himself atop Tony. 

Tony gave a cocky smile as Loki bent down, kissing the blue circle in Tony's chest slowly making his way up towards his lips again. The Iron Man lifted himself up and put his back against the headboard, Loki sitting on his lap wasn't too bad. 

It was when Loki began to thrust a small bit Tony felt a flash of passion seep into himself. Loki lowered hisself, still atop of Tony just farther down atop him, and his thrusting became faster and faster. Tony groaned and Loki smiled down at him.

After all was done, they lay once more staring at the ceiling. Covered in sweat (and other things) both were quite pleased and breathing heavily. 

"I'm calling you the Rock of Ages, that was fucking awesome." Tony said, his brown eyes wide when he looked over at Loki who had curled up to him and was falling asleep. "Oh did I tire you out?" 

"Yes, yes you did." Loki put his arm around Tony's chest and buried his head between his shoulder and lower jaw. Heat pulsed over the one side of Tony's body, not helping with the fact he was sweating. 

"Well can we go take a shower before we finish this?" He felt Loki sigh but nod. Each picked up their underwear and pulled, at least that on to get to the bathroom. Tony reached into the shower and turned the dial on for the hot water. Loki watched him quietly, when Tony looked at him he saw on his pale skin, dark bags under his eyes.

"You really are tired aren't you?" 

"Very much so." 

"How? We only went at it for a couple hours." Loki opened his eyes a little, cocked his head to the side, and gave a fake "I had no idea!" face. "Oh shut up, come on, showers ready." Tony dropped his underwear and stepped into the shower. He found the soap and began to rub himself with it. Loki stepped in and put his head under the water. It felt great on his skin. 

"I've never shared a shower at the same time with someone else." He said shyly, Tony looked up at him. Loki had already known he was a short man but it was much different when he wasn't wearing shoes and was just standing next to him. Even more different that instead of trying to kill each other they were sharing a shower at the same time.  

"OK, move over I need to wash off this soap." He stood under the water and Loki shuddered at being away from the heat. "Oh come here." Tony said pulling him close, pressing their bodies together. Loki had goosebumps all over his arms. "You better now?"

"Much, thank you." He threw his arms over Tony's shoulders. "This feels good." He rubbed his hips close to Tony's, they fit like puzzle pieces and Tony purred. 

"Gotta admit it does feel pretty nice." Tony wrapped his hands around Loki's waist, getting on his tip-toes to kiss Loki's lips. He let go of his hands, one clenched his wrist the other grabbed Loki's arse. Loki pulled his lips away from the kiss.

"Are we going to have more fun?" He teased, biting his lip. He didn't get an answer back as Tony pushed him against the cold wall of the shower where the water hadn't graced its presence. Loki gasped when his skin touched it, he threw his wet head towards a wall, Tony seized the chance and kissed his neck. He ran his hands up to Loki's hair, combing his fingers through it. 

Loki allowed Tony the upper hand for a few minutes before he began to shiver, than he moved past Tony into the water, which by now was cold. Loki gasped again with the chill. 

"Damn!" He said aloud when Tony shut the water off. "I'm freezing!" 

"You're a Frost Giant Loki. How do you get cold?" 

"I don't have the Casket so I can't show my blue skin off to you sadly." Loki's voice grew hard, and Tony simply stepped out of the shower and rummaged for a towel. Loki waited. "Can you hand me a towel please?" He asked quietly, yanking his hair to get rid of the extra water. After a few seconds a plush, large white towel was thrust to his face and he took it. 

He dried off before stepping out of the shower. Tony was all dried up and was had his towel wrapped loosely around his waist. 

"Have your fill yet Rock of Ages?" He asked, watching Loki wrap the towel around his waist tightly. Loki made a face, tossed his head to the side a couple times as if he was unsure.

"Yes, I've had my share for today. Unless, you want to have a little more fun later on?" Loki questioned. Tony gave a seductive grin and raised his eyebrows up. 

"Sure, but I'll make the warm water on the shower last longer first." Loki gave a childish grin.

"Good!" Both of them walked into the bedroom and tugged on their clothes. "That was marvelous." Loki said as he pulled his shirt on. 

"Right back at you!" Tony said as he buckled his belt. "I'll see you tomorrow night." Tony walked out and went to his own room. It was empty and the light from the Arc Reactor was dimmed under his shirt. 

Tony woke up the next morning with Bruce sitting next to him on the bed. Sleepily he laid over Bruce's thighs and Bruce put a hand on Tony's head. 

"Good morning sleepy head." He said softly, running his hands through Tony's hair. Tony closed his eyes again. "No dear, we have work to do today." 

"Let's take a day off, just take an easy day today." Tony said giving Bruce a pout. Bruce shrugged at him. 

"Tony, we've got work to do. We can't." 

"Yes we can, its OK to take a day off Bruce. Come on, we can just lay in bed. I've got some sweatpants in my dresser. You are welcome to them. Come on Bruce, just one day?" 

"Well, maybe we can do more than just lay in bed...." Bruce with a teasing wink. Tony caught on, and nodded. 

"Oh yeah." Tony said and Bruce unbottoned his shirt, slipped off his shoes and socks, took his pants off and dug into Tony's dresser to get the sweats. He quickly pulled them on and crawled into bed with Tony. When he tangled up with Tony, his toes were chilly against Tony's warm skin. 

"You're like a heat packet!" Bruce said, the heat of Tony radiating into him. He curled his toes. 

"Just shut up, let's chill." Tony and Bruce both fell asleep in each other's arms. 

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