Chapter five

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Ok Gudbye Savannah said to the Williams/Satin family hugging Amy and Josie goodbye. They all exchanged their goodbyes and left.

Daniel sat at a table in the dining room still watching Savannah as she said goodbye to the family. He couldn't believe he hadn't realised earlier. Savannah was like Jessica in a lot of ways. But then again she wasn't that much like her at all. It was just weird how he had seen her go sit down with that family. Sotting exactly where Jessica would've sat if she had been there, between Amy and Jodie. That was where Jessica belonged. It seemed like that table suddenly had a new Jessica, a much stranger version of her that is. What was going on? Did Savannah kill Jessica to try and replace her? Or was that extremely random? whatever it was Savannah seemed like Jessica.


I'm so happy we came here again Jodie said. Amy nodded in agreement.

I know me too I love coming here Jess said.

They stepped into where Daniel's office was. Who's this? Jess asked her cousins.

This is Daniel. His the owner of the business Jodie said rolling her eyes.

His the one who never pays rent Amy whispered loudly.

Daniel this is our cousin Jessica Satin Jodie said. Jess waved hello.

So what room would you guys like to stay in? Daniel asked.

We have to choose a room now? Normally we can just sleep wherever we want to Jess said.

It's different now that this is a business not a house or whatever Amy said.

Ok well we would like to stay in room 7. The one with the green carpet and that cool cupboard Jess said smiling.

It's always been our favourite room Amy said.

Daniel nodded handing Jess the key.

Thankyou Jess said turning and walking out the door with Amy and Jodie following behind her.


That was just two weeks before Jessica had gone missing. It was also the last time that family had come to Harvest Home. Daniel found it creepy how Jessica described the room the exact same way Savannah had just that morning. Was Savannah a stalker or something? She did seem crazy enough. Daniel also found it creepy how Amy had mentioned the rent thing to Jessica and then Savannah had mentioned it to Daniel. This whole thing was just weird.

Joshua, Amy and Jodie sat in the car with their parents.

Well tonight was fun Joshua said.

Yeah it was I wish Jess had been there though Amy said.

You're girls already talked about Jess enough tonight. You're lucky I didn't make you two go sit in the car Josephine said.

It was like having another Jess sitting with us Jodie said completely ignoring her mother.

Ahh yes that weird Savannah Nitas Jodie said.

She's not that weird mum Amy said.

Yes she is. I don't want you associating with her again. Something about her just doesn't seem right Josephine said.

But doesn't she just seem kind of familiar in a way? Amy said.

No not at all Josephine said.

C'mon mum even I thought she seemed kind of familiar Joshua said.

Yes and don't you think it's funny how she has the same birthday as Jess? Jodie said.

Not at all. Lots of people have the same birthday. Now stop talking about Jessica she's dead and you two girls are the only two people who still think she is alive Josephine said.

They're not the only two people who think she's still alive mum, I think Jess is alive now too now Joshua said.

You three are being extremely silly Josephine.

What made you change your mind? Amy asked.

I dunno it just doesn't really feel like she's dead anymore Joshua said.

Savannah said goodbye to everyone from the Williams/Satin family. Than she went upstairs to room 7. The other times she had been here she had stayed in rooms 1,3 and 7. Now she was staying in room 7 again. She went into the bathroom and took off the clothes then she had a shower. Washing all her makeup off in the process. She got out of the shower, drying herself and getting into a long black nightie with silver moons all over it. she then brushed her hair looking at herself in the mirror. She had no makeup on at all. Wow she looked different without it. She quickly ran out of the bathroom and into her room hoping no one saw her looking more familiar then she had the entire time. She went into her room and quickly fell asleep.

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