The Adventure of a Lifetime. Er, several, lifetimes.

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Darkness. Then, it gets brighter, and I hear a voice,

"Please, get up, it's getting dangerous, we need to go."

The tone sounds fearful, and rushing. I feel a pang of annoyance, wondering what could be important enough for that tone. The sound of gunshots and energy explosions immediately sweeped up that feeling, and I opened my eyes, disbelieving what I was seeing. Bright flourescent explosions everywhere. Strange creatures running around, some protecting me, some trying to attack me. This was not mentioned in training. The voice says from behind me,

"Good, you're awake, we need to move, there's not much time, as I expect you've noticed. Let's go!"

I turn around expecting some massive guy, drawing from the deep baritones I was hearing from them, but then an arrow pops up somewhere in my vision. The voice says,

"I'll explain everything, but we need to get out of here. Head towards the arrow, use whatever you can. There's a rifle to your right. Pick it up, then let's head out."

I look around, bewildered, then run towards the rifle, then I see a blue flash, an energy gun shot, and I dive behind a wall, the world rocking, well, at least what I saw of the world.

"Also, try not to die."

I roll my eyes, then one of the hostile creatures drops in front of me and pulls a knife that's glowing around the edges, and lunges at me.

((Hey y'all, this is my first free-write, I would be grateful if you could tell me what you think :D))

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