N I A L L 

            The boys had left a long time ago, before noon to be exact. We all thought that since things had been sorted out with police that it would be fine to not have backup plan. But Mary and I both decided to let Tony stay a few more nights at Aubrey’s. My fingertips fidgeted with Mary’s freshly washed hair. “Do you hope for a girl first, or a boy?” I asked, watching her as she stood up from the end of the bed and finally decided to get some clothes on.

            “I don’t think I have a preference,” she paused, smiling back at me, “What are you staring at me for?”

            “Mental pictures.” I chuckled, “You look good in my t-shirts.” She shook her head, crawling back onto the bed next to me, playing with the small hairs on my chest.

            “So you’re not afraid that like, the police are just going to show up and falsely accuse you?”

            I shook my head, putting my arms around her body, pulling it even closer to mine. “No, I won’t allow it. Doesn’t it just bring some kind of excitement to you?” I trailed, “You’re with a guy who’s the person of interest.” I smirked, running my fingertips up and down her arm that still rested on my chest.

            “You make it sound like you are actually committing a crime as we lay here.” She laughed.

            “Maybe I am, you don’t know what I do in my spare time.” I joked, “Maybe I’m planning a bank robbery up in this skull of mine, and you just don’t know it.” I suggested, looking down at her in hopes to get her to say something to go along with it. Before she could, a few loud thuds came from the living room, and I had a certain idea of who it was going to be. I rolled my eyes, pushing myself out of the comfort of the warm bed sheets. I stalked down the hallway, pulling on a pair of lounge pants as I did so. My hand wrapped around the door knob, and pulled it open revealing a larger man in a police uniform. The one thing Mary had worries about, was now a reality.

            “You Niall horan?”

I nodded, putting my weight on the door beside me. “Yes, sir.”

            “We have to ask you a few questions in regards to the arrest of Johnny Baxter.”

            I didn’t know Mary’s father had completely changed his name when he moved into town. It was weird hearing his real name for a change. Although I hadn’t really heard his ‘cover’ name very much either.

            “Course, come on.” I stepped to the side to let him in, mentally sighing to myself when I heard Mary’s bare feet padding down the hallway.

            “Niall, baby, who’s he—“ she froze in her place, holding her hands together in front of her in discomfort. “Hi officer.” She spoke up, slowly walking towards the couch where they were sat.

            “Ms. Thomas, it’s nice to see you are doing well since the last time I saw you.” He smiled, only for the nice expression to change when his gaze averted back to me. “Mr. Horan, where were you the night Mary came back home?”

            “A small motel just outside of Bradford.” I answered truthfully, “Mary and I had gotten in a fight about her father.”


            I huffed out a small chuckle, looking at him like he were completely oblivious. That was the dumbest question he could have ask me. “Because he killed my mother.”

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