Chapter 1

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                It was 5am in the morning and my alarm clock keeps on ringing. Another day to battle with. After a few minutes I decided to finally get out of my bed and start preparing for my breakfast, which is French toast and egg with milk, a really perfect combination to ease my every morning.


“After my meal, I have to hurry taking my bath” I said to myself.

As I stand alone in the shower, my heart is in console, I’m always like this whenever my mind wanders off, I’m always standing in a certain place dumbfound thinking about the way she took my breath away, the way she smile and of course how she captured my heart. My heart is always pounding and . . .


“Zeke! Hurry up!! You’ll be late for work. “My mother shouted loudly.

“Oh my God!!! It’s already 7am! I’m going to be late.”

As I was walking down the street, I saw Sydney; she’s exercising with her dog. Oh by the way she’s the cousin of Charlene. She called me up to great a happy morning; however I’m in a hurry so I just gave her a wave.

(Kingdom Hearts Hospital)

I came at the hospital around 7:45 am. Oh I forgot to introduce myself!! Clumsy me, well my name is Ezekiel Stoneheart, I’m 28 years old, and as you can read I’m in a hospital. Wondering why, it’s because I work here. Yup that’s right I’m a doctor, a cardiologist to be exact. I’ve been working here in kingdom hearts hospital for four years now.

Since only few of my patients’ arrived, I decided to go to the washroom.

“Good Morning Dr. Zeke!” nurse Nicole greeted as I walk along the hallway.

“Good Morning too Ms. Nicole! Are my patients already there?” I asked her nicely.

“Only some of them Doctor Zeke, Oh by the way you’re patient Charlene Von Schweetz is already waiting at the lobby” she said.

“Oh really? Let her in! I’m ready for work now” I said hurriedly

As I wait for them to come, my heart started to beat so fast, it seems like I really feel so excited seeing her again. She’s the one I’ve been talking about earlier, the one I have a crush on, if that’s what you call it. Charlene or Charlie is one of my regular patients, she has a heart disease and we have diagnosed that she also have a hole in her heart. She’s really a nice girl with a nice personality. Everything about her is just perfect and saying I’m exaggerating is an understatement. That’s why I really feel so bad that she is suffering with the said illness, because I don’t think she deserve it.

“Hi . . . D . . . o . . . c Zeekki!” Charlie said stuttering.

“Hi Charlie! How are you today? Did you take all you’re medicine?”


“Ye . . . ss Doc . . . , Mom told me to drink them all earlier today” she replied confidently.

“That’s good! I’m sure in no time you will get better, just continue drinking them all and never skip meals ok?” I informed her happily.


“Yees . . . Doctor Zeke” 


“Hi doc Zeke how’s the condition of my daughter” Claire asked worriedly.

“Actually ma’am, based on her laboratory tests, it shows that she’s improving, just continue drinking all the medicine I gave her and of course with her regular visit here in my office” I informed her.

“Thank you so much Doctor for taking good care of my daughter, I know you can help her fight her illness”


“It’s my pleasure helping her ma’am, I know that she can surpass it” I reassured her.


              Hi everyone!! \^-^/, I’m Charlene Von Schweetz, I’m 26 years old and as you have read earlier I have a heart disease. We first found out about it when I was in college, there was a tournament in our school that day and while I was playing I suddenly felt numb and my heart aches really bad, it’s really painful that I couldn’t take it anymore then all of a sudden I collapsed. When I woke up I found myself in the hospital and that’s when the doctor announced to us that I have a hole in my heart. When I heard about it  I cried a lot and I pity myself however, after so many years I just learned to accept it and I pray that I could still live longer.

But now as I listen to mom and Doctor Ezekiel’s conversation, I can’t avoid of feeling a bit pity about myself. Of course who would want to have this kind of illness? Though they always say that I am improving, it’s still my body that feels the pain. Who would love to live this life relying on medicine forever? Sometimes, I wish that this pain will end up really soon. But by looking at them, I know that they are doing everything to give cure in this pain especially Doctor Ezekiel, I know that he’s doing everything he can just to help me. And that’s what makes me want to fight and live longer, for them.



                 Every time I see Charlene, I see myself happy and complete. Honestly if Charlie gets better, I won’t waste any moment to express the feelings that I have for her. I just need enough courage I guess.

As I go to the heart surgery department to get the results of Charlie’s latest laboratory test, Dr. Morris is in confused that is why I asked him if there’s problem with the result of the examination, but he just gave the sealed envelope. As I received it, I rushed back to my office, to see and check it myself.

“Oh no!! This can’t be happening!!” I said shocked.

Why does the result are like this? Maybe it’s just a mistaken information or what. I know that Charlene is getting better but why the hell the hole in her heart gets bigger!?!

“What’s the problem with this, I know that everything is going smoothly” I said to myself.

I was so frustrated that I threw the vase near me. Nurse Nicole heard the shattering of the glasses so she rushed into my office and asks if what’s going on. I said to her that it’s nothing so she can go now. When nurse Nicole disappear, certain question still lingers in my mind and I kept on telling to myself that I will find  a way to this, I guess Charlie really needs to have a heart operation as soon as possible.



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