Chapter 1

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Charlene Turner p.o.v

I woke up by the sound of the alarm clock so, I went to the desk and threw the alarm on the ground from anger because yesterday Finn and Amanda started dating. The harder part is that all three of them and Maybeck go to the same high school.

When she was getting ready she could sense she was crying so, she went to Maybeck aunts donut shop she asks "Is Maybeck here??" and Jelly said " Yeah he's upstairs.".

Before Charlene knocked on the door just opened "I know, I know." said Maybeck while hugging Charlene because he knew what happened and that she liked Finn.

Charlene made a plan that they were going to make Finn and Amanda jealous so Finn could breakup with Amanda so he could be with Charlene.

So he walked her to school while they held hands to get people talking about it.Finn and Amanda caught up with them and he said "So you are dating Maybeck now.". "No were not dating just hanging out." said Charlene.

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