Chapter Five

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~ Flashback: Part 2 ~

"Come on, Ally. You look amazing. There's absolutely no need to be nervous, hon. You look better than me!" Jolie enthused with a huge smile, opening her car door and stepping outside into the warm summer air.

With a small huff of reluctance, Allegra stepped out of the car and shut the door a little harder than necessary, before leaning down and quickly glancing at herself in the driver's side rear-view mirror. Her long blonde hair was perfectly straightened, and for once she wore no glasses. Her bright blue eyes sparkled in the dim light of the party host's house, and her fair skin looked white in the moonlight. The dress hugged her curves perfectly, making her actually have hips for once, and a pair of black heels were on her feet, which already seemed to ache. She wore barely any makeup, except for mascara, simple foundation, and even some blush which lightly dusted her cheeks.

"Come on!" Jolie complained, impatiently tapping her black nails on the top of the car. "Are you done examining yourself yet?"

Allegra swallowed hard before looking at her friend and smiling briefly. "Yeah, I'm done. Let's go and get this over with."

* * *

Allegra followed Jolie around like a dog for most of the evening, not really paying attention to anyone that she passed. Almost everywhere she turned, there were teenagers with cups full of beer and other various alcohols. A few were stumbling about completely drunk, while the majority of the partygoers were laughing and making out with one another, which Allegra thought was completely disgusting. She even thought that she saw a couple stumbling up the stairs...

With a shudder she turned back to where Jolie had been standing no more than five seconds before, only to see that her friend had suddenly disappeared without any explanation. She looked around wildly in search of her friend, starting to panic. Where had Jolie gone? She began to walk around aimlessly, trying to find her friend in the midst of the crowd.

Finally, after about ten minutes of wandering, she found Jolie chatting up a boy that was a year older than them, whose name was Graham Daniels. "Jolie!" she sighed in relief. "Thank goodness I found you."

Jolie turned around and giggled, slightly clumsy on her feet. "It's not like I would just leave you. Go find somewhere to hang for a little and then I'll come find you, okay?" Allegra was about to ask why Jolie sounded as though she was too busy to hang out with her, but then Jolie turned back around and pulled Graham's face to her own, smashing her lips down on his roughly. Allegra noticed a cup in her friends hand and realized that she was totally drunk, shaking her head with a small sigh as she watched Jolie's little make-out scene with Graham.

Slightly disgusted and upset, Allegra turned and walked away, doing as Jolie had said and looking around for a place to sit down for a while. She almost didn't believe that her friend would come back for her, because she seemed far too busy with Graham to care at all. Putting her thoughts aside, she concentrated on finding a chair somewhere, and when she did, she sat down with a relieved sigh. She was finally able to relax.

* * *

Allegra was just about to get up to find Jolie and beg to leave, but then she saw her friend walking towards her and smiled. It was only when she saw that Jolie was dragging along Graham behind her that her smile became a slight frown.

"Ally, we're going upstairs to play Spin the Bottle! You wanna join?" Jolie slurred, her footsteps clumsy as she made her way over to where Allegra sat.

Allegra shifted uncomfortably. She'd heard about the games that high schoolers played at parties and didn't particularly want to take any dangerous risks or do anything stupid and reckless, like Jolie would. She shook her head as firmly as she could. "No, thank you. I'll be just fine here. Thanks anyway, though."

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