Chapter 1: Two Weeks Alone

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I woke in a cold sweat. I had another dream about Amanda, but this one was more horrible and vivid than the last ones. I guess they get worse the more I learn about the wasteland and it's people. There's just so many bad people out here. At least the vault had more good than bad. Amata was one of the good ones... I just wanted to find Amanda and Dad and then just go home and have things back the way they were... but I think deep down inside, I knew that wasn't going to happen.

The Overseerer will never let us back in.

It's been almost 2 weeks since we left the vault and since Amanda was taken by Slavers. I still haven't found a lead to where Paradise Falls might be and with each passing day, I feel more and more like a failure. I'm so clueless that I even had to take a shot in the dark and just go. Maybe it's the right way, maybe not.

I'll probably find out when it's too late anyway.

It seems that people are either too far out to know or too close to care. People seem to give up too easily around here, but I guess they aren't forced to keep going. My family forces me to keep going and I don't plan on losing them. Even though my hope was dwindling, I would still search to the end of the world to find them. Thankfully I didn't have to go that far, I just had to go to Big Town.


The people of Big Town were the saddest bunch I'd seen so far. See, these people come from a place called Little Lamplight and it's full of kids. See, once you turn 16, instead of taking a G.O.A.T. like I did, you get kicked out and sent to a place called Big Town. They're told that it's wonderful and awesome, the place where grown ups can be free and do grown up things. Well they couldn't be more wrong. The place was constantly being harassed by Super Mutants, who either killed or took their residents to do God knows what to them, or Slavers who extorted them in exchange for not slapping a slave collar around their necks.

That's right, Slavers.

I was so close now. I knew it, but now I just had to find someone who knew exactly where it was. I asked around but nobody knew or nobody cared to share at least. They had completely lost hope. They were attacked a few days ago and the girl, Red, who dealt with the Slavers, was carried away with a few others. In the end, if the Super Mutants didn't come first, then it'd be the Slavers. Either way it wasn't looking good.

This was my chance. Maybe the slavers were from Paradise Falls. There was also the chance that this girl knew where the Slavers were located, so she was my best bet. I'm not sure if I made the decision to help entirely selflessly, but it didn't really matter. They were in need and I helped them.

Kimba and Pappy said my best bet would be to go to the old Germantown Police HQ. So that was where I was headed.

I made my way to Germantown and the place was crawling with Super Mutants, Floaters and creepy Centaurs. God, I hate those Centaurs. They are creepy as shit. They're not too bad, they're slow. However they barf on you if you're in range and that shit stings like hell. Not to mention it has a shit awful stench.

Luckily I managed to slip past most of them, but of course there were some I couldn't avoid. Good thing I had my good ol' hunting rifle with me.

The Super Mutants are built like shit houses. It takes a lot of bullets to take them down, unless you're a good shot and aim for the head, but not everyone is precise, and the smaller guns don't do shit anyway. When in doubt, aim for the knees. After I finished sweeping the building, I managed to locate Red, the girl who ran the clinic back in Big Town.

"Oh thank God, a human! You're gonna open my cell right?" she said nervously, "Sure am... So I hear you know the location of Paradise Falls." I replied as I picked the lock to her cell. "Uhh yeah I know the location. That's a weird thing to ask considering-" she was cut off by the sounds of an angry mutant... that was wielding a minigun. "Oh shit! Get back into the cell, under the bed NOW!" I shouted as the minigun started charging up. I got behind cover just in time. Brrrrrrrrrrr, the sound of hundreds of bullets flying at once was pretty intense, and terrifying as you could imagine. Eventually the bullets stopped coming and the shit head had to reload, here was my chance to get in a head shot. BANG-SPLAT! I landed a nice clean shot. I called out to Red to see if she was alright.

No reply.

Shit. She was my only way of finding out where the Slavers were, I sure hope she's not dead.

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