Running Away

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I nodded

" I love you "


Luke drove me home, me sniffling the whole way and him saying " Jess I'm sorry "

" I would take it back if I could I promise "

We were nearly at my house before I spoke

" Luke stop its fine I Promise you now drop me off at mine, drive home pack your stuff and come back and get me be no longer than an hour no one at my house is home but incase pack fast I don't want to be caught, get cash an get changed back bags drive pick me up and drive us to the airport "

" Cash, Pack Bags, Pick Jess Back Up " He mumbled " wait Airport!?"

" Yes I booked tickets last night I got the ones where you can just go there an they let you on that flight to Melbourne because we would be driving for over 10 hours and I couldn't Handel that "

He laughed

" you really have thought this through"

" Yeah I have so see ya soon ? " As he pulled up to my house

" Course wouldn't miss it for the world, see ya soon Ess " he winked well tried to and drove off

I could have melted onto the footpath right then

I grabbed my keys and opened the back Door just incase anyone was home

Once I got in I saw no one was there I let out a gasp I didn't know I was holding in

I ran to my room


Luke's pov.



Hurry up and get back to her that's all I could think about

I feel so bad about that time two Years ago it took her two years to forgive me

I chucked clothes and the rest of I things I had put aside for this day

I chuck them into my car and drove as fast as I could to Jess's place

Ten minutes later I got to her house

Beeping the horn a few times and she text me

' Jess ❤😚✨ '

I'm coming Lucas ! Hold on

I knew what she was doing the letters her letters to her family.

Il ask what they say later, oh yeah I have to ask her where we are staying the door open and Jess flopped into the seat

" stuff is in the back " she gasped

I laughed " been for a run Jess ?"

" Nooooooo stopppp " she whined laughing along with me she poked her tongue out at me, damn she is so cute I missed her

" Oi Luke start the car we don't have all day ! "

" Actually we do "

" STOP ITTTTT " she laughed again

" LETS RUN AWAY " I screamed

" LETS DO IT LUKEY WOOO " She screamed back

I smiled starting the car

We were finally running away


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