for starters

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Chapter 1
Cara POV:
Moving on is hard but we have to try too right?
Well for starters my name is Cara Aria Harley. I have long brunette hair wavy and I love my hair. I have curves at the right places. I'm not fat not am I skinny. I'm just average. I have a high fashion sense. Yep you can guess it I love shopping. It's in the blood. Ha yes my mum loves shopping a lot and dad lets just say he would just follow mum. Ha feel the love.
Anyways, I just broke up with my ex. Well I really like him but things don't work out between us so it's better that we go on our separate ways right? Well I've dated only about 5 guys. Well a lot have ask me out but I would reject them because I know myself they just want popularity. Yup because im 'popular' in school. Trust me I don't want to be popular. I mean like its great but with all this drama and all I would rather just be a regular person.
Speaking of regular person, ugh how do I say this. Well my dad is a business man. My mom is a modeling agent. Yeah she basically run her own company. Well I don't really care. But what I do care Is people are friends with me just because I'm rich. Well it's stinks. I only have one true friend. Well more like sister, her name is Bella. Her family background is sad. My mum offered her to stay with us. Well i was super happy.
Well now, it's summer. Bella is over excited about the summer vacation. My family is going to Chicago. Well it's not actually a vacation because my parents have work there. My dad is helping my mum out. Yeah so it's just me and Bella. But I'm fine actually.
Let me tell you, a lot of things happen in Chicago.

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