Chapter 4: Adam

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I wonder if Jamie was mad at me. She can't be. Can she? I'm going to ask.

"Jamie!" I yelled in the hallway earning some stares.
"Yeah?" She didn't seem to mad. Why?
"Are you mad at me?"
"No" she said looking down "I'm used to girls". She was walking off but I pulled her hand. She stared at my hand. I let go.
"What do you mean are you used to girls like that?"
"No, I'm used to girls in general"
"Don't you get along with them?"
"I've tried but they always end up turning their back on me"
"Well what if I told you I know someone that needs a friend?"
She looked at me in confusion "it better not be your girlfriend"
I smiled as I looked down "no her name is-" my mind went blank who should I say
"Well?" She asked.
"Her her name is uhhhh Sarah" who the hell did I just say?
"Sarah" she said "okay let's see if I meet her".
She's walking away now. I want to see her again. What should I say? Before i could think I yelled her name. I ran up to her and said "well I was going to ask if you want to uhh sit with me at lunch today since we have an hour we can walk around or something"
She looked at me with her big hazel eyes. "Isn't it going to be a problem with your girlfriend?"
"No she says it's better if we don't so we won't 'look clingy' " I said using my fingers as quotation marks.
"Well in that case yeah just meet me at the chairs we were at and we will go from there"
She went on her tippy toes and gave me a hug. I could smell the Axe on my sweater that she was wearing and I liked it. But that isn't the only thing I like.

As I was squeezing through the people to find my next class I heard Emma yelling my name, she wasn't happy. Great.
"Adam! Adam! Aaaaddddaaaaaam! I know you can hear me!"
"I wanted to ask why was that skank wearing your sweater?"
"She isn't a skank, Emma!"
"Whatever why was she wearing it? You never let me wear it!"
"Because if she doesn't wear it she is getting in trouble by the coach and you never ask for or say your cold"
"Well guess what Adam I'm cold not go take it off her and put it on me"
"Too late"
"Damn you, Adam !" She yells.
"I'm done with you" i say in the softest tone I can.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm saying- I'm saying we are over I'm sure you will find someone better just trust me you will" I say.
I walk down the hall and her eyes were on me the whole time. Finally I turn right.

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