Chapter 15

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Guys! this is going to be a little bit longer and I think more complicated (?) so bare with it yeah.

Luke's pov


I walked to school as usual, I rubbed my eyes as I make my way to the hall. I was having a hard time sleeping last night because of Calum. On Sunday i didn't even bother to answer Ash and Mikey's text messages not because I was angry or anything but it seemed that I wasn't in the mood. I haven't been eating since yesterday, my mind wasn't thinking straight since Calum's incident. I was wondering if I could talk to Calum today and say how sorry I am for pissing him off the other day.

I felt something different as I was opening my locker, I can feel people are staring at me and some girls are glaring at me, creepy.

"Hey Luke, where's Calum" a guy asked. W-what?...

"C-calum ? I don't know. Why are you asking me that ?" I answered awkwardly, the guy only laughed and walked away with his friends.

How the fuck should i know where Calum is ?

"Morning Luke" Mikey greeted me. "Morning" I said weakly "Why is everyone staring at me today? bunch girls were glaring at me, and it's scary" I whispered. Mikey chuckled "Bro, they know you kissed Calum at the party" Mikey explained "Only that? man that's stupid,you kissed Ash too"

"W-well yeah but calum ran off after you kissed him. People are saying you guys have some sort of a relationship and the girls were not happy about that" Mikey said again. I sighed

"That's just dumb..."

"By the way have you seen cal-" I was cut

"Me?" Someone answered behind me.

It was Calum (DUHH)

"Calum..." I said "Look Calum about the other day i'm so-"

"No, I'm sorry Luke" Calum apologized. "I'm sorry i snapped on you all of the sudden, I'm sorry I ran away " Calum looked down to his hands. "Calum, It's okay. I forgive you but you gotta tell us about the other day" I told him. "A-about what?" Calum stuttered

"Please calum, don't act stupid." I plead "We want to help you Cal, we know something is up" Mikey said and I nodded in agreement.

Calum looked down to his hands and played with his braclets. My eyes widened as he kept playing with it.

Why is he wearing more bracelets than usual ?

And in that moment I swear my heart stopped. My mind was about to explode. No. No. No, he's not doing it anymore. I tried my best not to believe that Calum did it, again. Something is totally up, I made up my mind that Calum NEED to tell me what's going on. About Josh. About the other day. About everything. I can't hold myself any longer seeing Calum like this just tears me apart. When I was about to ask Calum the bell rang.

"Guys I have chemistry, see you at recess" Mikey waved at us and walked away. "U-uh I have math, how about you Lu-" I cut off his sentence as I grabbed his arm not wanting to make his cut more painful and pulled him to the back of the school, where students and even teachers rarely go there. "Luke what are you doing ?" Calum managed to ask while I pulled him. I did not bother to answer his question.

We arrived at the back of the school and so I let go of Calum's arm. "Luke, why are you dragging me here?" Calum asked a bit annoyed

"Calum I want to ask you something" I said in a serious tone. "What is it?" Calum asked "Just please answer me honestly" I said again.

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