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She finally got tired of fighting me, we were still in a fighting position though.

She was lying on the floor, arms crossed while glaring at me with her signature glare, as for me I was looming over her.

My arms on the floor at the side of her head and I was kneeling, as well as smirking.

Then I finally met her eyes, those amazing green orbs, she was beautiful unlike the girls at school she was unique she had strawberry blonde hair and well a beautiful face but there is one thing that separates her:

she hates me.

The teacher apparently heard us going at each others throats because the next thing we knew, a teacher entered the classroom and got us off each other.

"Its the first day of senior high and so early in the morning and you're already at each other like cats & dogs!" He screamed at us and we just rolled our eyes with scowls on our faces. We both knew it was time to meet Mr. Principal.

We were sitting in front of the principal's desk while he was scribbling down stuff on paper which definitely was our detention slip.

"You know what this is all your fault! If you didn't kick my chair I would be relaxing in class right now." America whisper hissed at me

"Seriously! It's my fault! You were the one who started shoving!" I hissed back. UGH. Why is this girl so hard!?

"So it's my fault that you blocked my way?" This time she said it in her normal voice but dripping with sarcasm.

"That's enough you two! You both have 2 hours of detention on Saturday." the principal said.

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