2 - Surprise

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Genre: Romance

       It was 6 in the morning when she woke up and she rushed to the bathroom sleepily. She'd slept at 11 pm last night, and was exhausted from all the projects she'd done. She finished showering and getting dressed, then she took her purse, went downstairs, and grabbed a sandwich, rushing past her dad with a quick 'bye, dad!'. Once she stepped out, the autumn breeze swept through her tangled hair, greeting her a whispering 'good morning'. Maybe it'll be different today, she thought, it is a special day for me after all.

        It was a Saturday morning, and since she had an hour before her work started, she decided to drop by the bakery nearby and grab a slice of her favorite cake and perhaps some hot chocolate. The owner flashed her a smile, motioning her to come in. The little bell hanging by the door chimed a little as she came through and she smiled, greeting the owner and the man at the counter.

        "Good morning, Mrs. Howard." she greeted, "Morning, Andrei."

        "Oh, good morning, dear." Julianne Howard, the bakery owner, greeted back, smiling at her from behind the cake showcase that displayed the most marvelous cakes that she'd ever seen.

        "Morning." Andrei flashed her a smile, "A slice of cake and a cup of hot choco?"

        She laughed, "Yeah. As usual."

        "Here you go, then." He grinned, handing over her order.

        "Thanks." she paid, handing over some money and walking over to a table just a few steps behind her.

        "Hey," she heard Andrei whisper a few minutes later, sitting on the chair opposite of her, "Do you have work today?"

        "Well, yes, I do. I have 45 minutes before it starts, actually."

        "Mm. I see." he replied, both elbows rested on the marble table in front of them, "And after that?"

        "I don't think I have any other place to go to after work." she said as she shoved another forkful of cake in her mouth, confused as to why he was asking this. And then she raised her brows, staring at him in amusement, "Are you asking me out?"

        Andrei's cheeks flushed, his face turning red as a tomato, "Well, I.. It's just... I—"

        "Hey, now, it's alright. No need to be embarrassed." she waved it off, taking a sip from her hot choco and a bite from her cake, "And sure, I'll go out with you. Where though?"

        "Really?" he grinned, "Yes! Okay, well, I'll just fetch you from work. Noon again?"

        "Mm, yeah." she hummed, finishing her cake and wiping her mouth with a napkin.


        "Oh, well, I'll get going now. Wouldn't want to be late to work."

        "Ah, yeah. Okay, I'll see you at noon then."

        She giggled, "See you then, Andrei."

        Time seemed to go by faster than usual and before she knew it, her work was already over. It mostly consisted of writing and reading, but no matter how much she loved doing those, she couldn't help but feel... bored. She grabbed her purse, headed for the door, and turned off the lights in her office, walking out and locking the door. The keys clinked against each other as she tossed them in her bag, zipping up her bag and walking down the corridor. She walked past her boss who smiled at her, and her co-worker, Sally, who absolutely ignored her. She sighed.

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