A Letter For Ed Sheeran

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September 20, 2014

Dear Ed,

I am crying while writing this letter. I am so broken. Very broken. I am not asking for you pity or anything. I just wanna let you know that I love you and I am so devastated right now. I wasn't born in a rich family so technically, I am poor. My mother knows how much I love you and I am so happy that she supports me for that. I am now in my third year in college and I've been your fan since I was in high school.

So yesterday, September 19, 2014, I just got the news that you're having your concert in our country... in the Philippines. March 12, 2015 is the day. Since high school, I was looking forward for this to happen and yes! It will finally take place! But there is one problem... I can't go. Why? Because I'm poor (I don't have money). Well, I do have money here but it's not enough. Really not enough. I saved money a long time... I sacrified a lot just to save money... to prepare for this event and now, it's gone. I had to pay some for my school fees because my mom lost her job and my stepdad doesn't receive much from his work. The money is just enough for my three siblings (me not included) and this is really devastating. I am crying so hard it's hard to breathe. I have waited for this and things went this way. This is my only chance and now I don't know. They're selling the tickets 9th of October 2014 and I don't have enough time to save more money. 8,000 pesos for me is so hard to reach.. I know tickets will be sold out so fast... If I could just be given the chance to win a ticket or something. I just wanna see you really up close,Ed. I wanna hug you and tell you how much you mean to me. How much meeting you would mean to me. I will do everything just to see you up close. I will do everything just to have a chance to talk to you even just for one minute. Please Ed, let this dream happen. This is my only chance, I know it. Please? I wish I could experience this before I die. Please, Ed. I really feel stupid right now because I know no one even cares and no one would probably read this and make you read this but I really wish you do.

Every day, I've been wishing for this to happen. Just please... or just please give me a chance to save more money. Please don't sell the last VIP ticket that you have. Please save it for me. I promise, I'll pay for it. Just give me enough time. Maybe 3 months would be enough. Just please. I beg you. Please. Please. Please. Edward Christopher Sheeran, please.

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