Our 'guests'

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Amelia: sup people here is our new story

Sofia: what if the gods????

Amelia: yeah so we got bored with life

Sofia: don't we always?

Amelia: yeah true, but anyway the gods have kindly chosen to participate in our completely friendly and none violent games. *hey Sofia were you able to kidnap Hermes yet?

Sofia: *carries in unconscious Hermes* yep mission accomplished

Hermes: *wakes up* WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?!?!? WHY ARE THE OTHER GODS TIED UP AND GAGED?!?!?!? They look funny but WHY?!?!?

Sofia: hush child, you're in our story now and there is no escape.

Amelia: hehehehe, no Sofia if you would 'kindly' bring in our guests that would be wonderful!!

Sofia: sure thing sis. * turns to gods* now you may feel like your body is being chopped apart but you should be good. Now, *brings out cannon* who's first?

Gods: *muffled screaming*

Amelia: darling don't forget the watermelons!!!

Sofia: oh right forgot about those

Zeus: *was somehow able to slip off gag* I just have to ask, why the watermelons? Oh and I WILL FREAKING BLAST YOU INTO ASHES FOR KIDNAPPING THE KING OF THE GODS!!!!

Amelia: oh calm down, despite kidnapping you we brought watermelons as refreshments. See we care. I just have to make sure that they're aren't any more explosives in them.

Zeus: WHAT!!!! But that is very kind of you.

Sofia: Amelia we just got thanked by the king of the Gods!!!! *Faints due to fangirling to hard*

Amelia: *does the same thing*

Everyone: stares

Hermes: well what now?

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