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911 Call

Operator:   911 What's your emergency

Drew:   Helloyes I was on the phone with my girlfriend when all of a sudden u heard her car flip over and now she's not responding

Operator:   Alright weekdays your girlfriends name

Drew:   Zaylie, Zaylie Donavan

Operator:   Alright do you know where the location of the crash was?

Drew:   she was driving on Sands and Faro the streets

Operator:   Alright thank you

Cabin House

Zaylie wakes up on the couch

Zaylie:   Where am I. Huh!!! My car? Drew....

Zaylie is trying to unlock her phone

Zaylie:   Why isn't my password working?

She asked herself

Noah:   Well looks who's up... You should really change your password

Zaylie:   You

Noah:   Me. Come over here with me I wanna show you something

Zaylie walks with him

Noah takes her to his room

Noah:   This is my room

Zaylie:   Oh My God

She said frightened

Shellys there watching everything

Shelly:  Oh no

Drew:   Detective common give me something I'm dying over here

Detective:   we found the street you were talking about

Drew:   Okay where is she is she hurt

Detective:   We found her car. Not her

Drew:   Where could she have gone

Detective:   Well her airbag worked that's good meaning she probably only has a slight injury.

Drew:   Do you have any good news

Detective:   The streets she was on might have gotten a great view of what happened

Watching the tape

Detective:  Alright so that car ran a red light and hit her. Her car flipped over and the man gets outs his car and takes her into his car. But we can't see this man's face

Drew:   Wait I've seen this car before

Zaylie:   Is that, is that me?

Noah:   Yes

They were both talking bout Noah walls and desk and bed sheets

Noah has pictures of Zaylieall over his room

Zaylie:   How?   We just met a couple weeks ago

Noah:   Not me I've been watching you. Now Shelly she was only here to make me feel good then I killed her because the time had came to make my move on you but then you came to me. I couldn't believe it. And then I got it you feel something for me too

Zaylie:   No

Noah:  Yes you do!

Zaylie tries to walk out

Noah:   Nope

Zaylie:   Why don't you let me out

Noah:   Because then you'll just go running back to him

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