Tragic loss

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After 6 months of this incident Raima went to her grandmother's home for some work. Gaurav tried to meet her and Raima couldn't control her emotions towards him. Raima hugged him and forgives him for everything he has done bad to herAfter it was unconditional love. All was again good in their life. It was perfect. Raima had dreams about getting married to him. Raima was happy this time. Gaurav then didn't avoid her. Gaurav even loved her lot.

One fine day Raima said Gaurav " can we do engagement??" This was an unexpected question for him. Confused Gaurav simply said "yes."

This attitude of Gaurav hurted Raima again. Then again Gaurav started avoiding her. Gaurav didn't receive calls,didn't talk,didn't even call back. He was totally changed.

              Bad attitude of a person who like you most will surely affect you. Same has happen with Raima.

      Raima had now decided to leave Gaurav for rest of her life now. Raima took a tragic step of her life,she left Gaurav the boy she wanted to live with, spent rest of her life with him.... Raima 's dream boy had now lost forever. Raima is now struggling for her further studies and well maintaining with her parents. Now Raima had become very stubborn,harsh,hard working. Life had taught her a big lesson......

      This is the tragic end where love ends forever..

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