Ana kept her bare body against Luke's as they relaxed. It has been awhile since they first had sex, now they've done it for a third time. Luke didn't want to be one of those guys who just wanted sex from the girl, he wasn't either. Ana felt the need to feel Luke at times, as Luke felt the need to feel Ana at times. It was mutual. Ana's breathing became normal as Luke's did as well.

"That was amazing." Luke grinned, he traced patterns all over Ana's bare body. Ana took his free hand and held it in hers as she stared at Luke, in complete admiration.

"Isn't weird how one moment I can go from being suicidal, to having sex?" Ana laughed as she thought about it for a moment. It was like she was bipolar. "You make me forget about it all though." Ana whispered.

The door opens and reveals Michael and Calum, they walk into the dark room climbing on the bed. They haven't noticed what they just walked in on.

"God, Ana. We want to go out." Calum's voice is heard.

"How about you turn the light on?" Ana tells them as Michael gets up and turns the light on. When the two boys finally look at Ana and Luke, they cover their eyes.

"Oh my god, you guys had sex!" Calum gasped as he kept his eyes closed finding his way to the door. "Get dressed you horny kids." Michael laughed as he closed the door, not phased.

Ana and Luke sighed and got up putting on their previous outfits. Luke wanted to stay and lay with Ana, but they've been ditching the guys. So they both just got up to spend the day with them.


After just going to watch two movies at the movie theatre, Ana was getting bored. It was only eight in the evening, but she wanted to do something. Not necessarily go out and party because that wasn't her thing, she just wanted to do something.

Ana had brought her purse with her and although she was getting better at not cutting, she just had to.

"Hey, I need to use the restroom. I'll be back." Ana excused herself from the table, they were about to eat at some diner.

The boys just nodded at her. Ana took herself and her purse to the girls bathroom and locked herself in a stall. She fumbled with her makeup bag and took out her blade. Ana really didn't want to do it, but she did. She cut her skin like she did a million other times and sighed in pleasure. Ana made a few more cuts and went out cleaning her forearm with water. When she was done she went back to the table.

"We got you pasta since you took long." Michael smiled and Ana nodded, not really in the mood to eat. Luke placed his hand on her knee when she sat down. Ana pulled her sleeves down and grabbed Luke's hand, intertwining their fingers. Luke looked down and smiled squeezing Ana's hand.

"I can't get the image of Ana's boobs out of my head." Calum rubbed his temples, biting his lips. "They were so huge and-" Luke kicked Calum under the table. Ana had forgotten to pull the blankets up when Michael turned the light on and Calum caught a glimpse of Ana's chest.

"Okay, Cal, we get it. Stop talking about my girlfriends boobs like that." Luke rolled his eyes annoyed, he knew how Ana's boobs looked and he didn't need their best friend reciting the image. It wasn't really a big deal, Calum didn't think of Ana any more than what she was now, a best friend. For Michael, well he was gay, has been since freshmen year.

Once the food came, Ana barely even touched it. She just twirled the noodles with the fork.

"Ana, eat your food." Luke sighed and she shook her head.

"No, I'm not hungry." Ana pushed her bowl of pasta away from her. Luke just let it go, this was new. Ana always ate, Luke just hoped this wasn't gonna become a regular thing. The last thing any of them needed was Ana becoming anorexic and starving herself.

After they all had finished eating, except Ana, Calum volunteered to pay. They all piled into Calum's car and he drove off.

"Calum, your crap rap is giving me head aches." Ana reached foward and turned the radio off.

"God, Ana-banana. Such a buzz kill." Calum groaned driving down the street, he stopped at Luke's house. Luke leaned in and kissed Ana's cheek and got out of the car. They all lived on the same street, excluding Luke. When Calum pulled into his driveway, they all got out bidding each other goodbyes.

Ana started walking towards her house when she searched her purse for the blades. It was like once she started up again, she couldn't stop.

When Ana reached her house, she walked up to her room. Ashton shouted a goodnight and Ana just ignored him. Sometimes Ashton was just too happy for Ana's liking. While Ana was suicidal, her brother was a go lucky, giggly ball of sunshine. Ana couldn't stand it at times, it just made her realize how much she really wanted to die.

Ana was ready to die, she was ready to leave. The only thing stopping her was the four boys. Ana could only imagine how much they'll be affected.

{im aware this is short & sucks. but im having writers block so, just bare with me pls.}

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