After school I went outside the classroom.I was shocked.Why are they here?

"Yoora~" Xiumin

They are all holding luggage and bags.

"What are you doing here?" I asked them with my curious face.

"Can we sleep in your house?"

What?! They will sleep in my house?!

"Uhm,s-" my phone rang.

ring~ring~ring~ I answered it wih no hesitation.It's my mom you know.

"Hi mom,do you need something?" I asked her

"I'm sorry for not informing you last night,dear.Me and your sister will go to the Philippines.We are now riding a taxi to airport.Your sister will have an activity there.I left a money on your drawer.don't worry.Bye~"

Then she ended the call.I should've said goodbye.

"By the way guys,mom and my sister are not going home.So it's okay."I told them.

"Yehey!~" they all said in chorus.

"Follow me.We'll walk." I told them.

"We have a car.You could just tell us the way." Chen said.

"Oh-okay." then I'm the one who'll follow.

We went to the parking lot where their car is.

"You'll sit on the front seat Yoora." Chanyeol said.I obeyed him.

I got in-in the front seat.Chanyeol will drive and guess what?Kyungsoo is sitting behind me.He's near me.I want to be beside him.Hehehe~.I told the way and we arrived.He parked the car outside the gate.Then we all got out.

"This is my house." I told them.

"Let's come in now?" Sehun asked.So cute~

"Sure.Let's go."then I got my key inside my bag.I inserted it on the key whole and turned it to the left.It opened.I helped them,I mean I only helped Sehun and Kyungsoo because they're cute.I opened the maindoor and we all got in.

"Where will be sleeping?" Kris asked.

"Oh I forgot.Since we have 4 rooms here.You'll all be seeping on the biggest room.It wasn't used since my cousins left the house and when my grandparents passed away.Don't worry they'll not haunt you.It's not decorated.That room has 2 beds only.So you plan where will the others sleep 'cause it's your decision that you planned to sleep in my house.Now put your bags on that last room."

I pointed the door of the biggest room.They all went on that door and got in.I sat on the chair.When they all got in,I've heard some screams.Such a gay~.I went to them.I tuned on the light.

"Yah! yOU'RE ALL SO NOISY! Why didn't you asked me where's the light? Faster now!"

"Yoora" - Lu Han

"What?" I asked irritated.

"Should we decorate this room?Let's buy some matrials.We still have time.You know,I'm not used  sleeping at the floor." he said.They all agreed.

"Well,okay.I know a place here where we can buy some paints for the walls.Cheap ones."

"We don't use paint.We use wallpapers."

"Wallpapers?What's that thing?" I asked.

"It's a paper that is pasted on the wall." Baekhyun answered.

"dumb answer." Kris murmered.

"Wait,I know a friend who is very rich.Maybe she knows where a wallpaper shop is.Stay here."

I ran outside the maindoor and the gate.I went to the house beside us.She's Krystal's friend since she's a toddler.I pressed their doorbell.

(Ding dong~ ding dong~ ding dong~)

It opened.

"What's up Yoora?"

"Hi Unice,do you know where a wallpaper shop here?"

"Yeah,just a few blocks away from here.Look at that road.Just turn to left,maybe 30 steps you'll see a bougainvilla garden.Go to the front of that garden and turn to left.You'll see the big name of a wallpaper shop."

"Thank you,Unice."

"You're welcome." I went back to my house and directly went to the big room.

"Let's go guys.I know where a wallpaper shop is."

"Walk or use the car?" Chen asked.

"Let's use the car,maybe you'll buy many things." they nodded to my request.

We went out of the house and rode on the car.I told them the way how to get there and we arrived.

We entered inside the shop."Let's choose a color first." Kyungsoo suggested.Such a smart boy.

"Who likes a green wallpaper?" Sehun asked.Suho,Chanyeol,Xiummin,Lu Han,Kai & Baekhyun put their hands up.

"who likes a black wallpaper?" Kyungsoo asked.He raised his own hand.Kris,Sehun,Tao,Lay,Chen.

"You Yoora,what color do you like?" Kai asked me.

What would I answer? Let's find out...


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