I make my way towards the school bus...I hope. I swipe my walking stick back and forth, so I don't run into anything-or anyone. I stick out like a sore thumb. I have dark sunglasses covering my eyes even though it's probably not light yet. Honestly those words mean nothing to me. I have no concept of light or dark. People tell me I see black...but I don't know what black is. I see nothing. I know no colors, I see no beauty. My feet get tangled and I stumble into someone. "sorry" I mutter in a soft low voice. "Don't walk into me Blithe you dumb shit" my brother laughs, his friends join in. "Yeah you stupid ass blind boy" they taunt. I stop walking and feel so so lost. I don't know which way to go. I start to panic. "You ok"? My brother asks coldly out of pure necessity, he doesn't actually care. I almost snap and yell, but I keep it bottled up. The weight is like an anchor, slowly drowning me in the ocean. One day Im going to hit rock bottom. "I'm fine"I whisper. "Really"? he questions, "you look lost" he comments "yeah" I remark, without emotion. "I'll take you to the bus" he complains annoyed that I can't get there myself. I nod my head in reply. My fingers graze a sweatshirt. "that's my arm, lets go" he ushers. We move forward, quite slowly. "Steps" he warns. I let go of him and grab the bus railing. "good morning hon, there's a free seat two more back" I can just feel her forced smile that must be plastered across her face. I count the seats as I walk. Cautiously I take a seat, afraid it might be occupied. Thankfully it's not. Then I hear the people behind me all greet my brother. "Hey dude what's up?" some guy says. "Not much just baby-sitting my helpless brother, what a retard " he remarks. I angrily fiddle with my hands. I already know I'm dumb, he doesn't need to rub it in my face. I get it.

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