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I took a deep breath and before I could open my eyes, I felt their cold and slimy hands on me. I sighed and tried to hold in my tears. Jacob began to unzip my blue jean shorts. He allowed his hands to wonder all over my lower half, while Dirk was unbuttoning my bra. His fingers traced down my back and onto my butt. I stood there feeling super uncomfortable and out of place. Dirk began to place kisses around my neckline as Jacob pumped his fingers inside of me. My legs began to grow weak when I felt Jacob's tongue inside of me.

Dirk continued to trace my neckline with kisses while he massaged my breast. He paid close attention to my nipples, and occasionally began to nibble on them. Between getting eaten out and my breast massaged, I let out a small moan. I was so embarrassed that I tried my best to move and Dirk stopped me and threw me on the bed in an instant.

"Nice try, Princess." Jacob said.

"We were trying to be considerate and give it to you slow, but you had to be rebellious and move. So now you'll get it rough." Dirk said and Jacob nodded.

I frowned and tried to sit up but I was pushed down. Both men undressed in front of me and I couldn't help but realize that Dirk was bigger than Jacob.

Dirk smirked and repeatedly slapped me across the face as he forced himself inside of me. My face was red and hot, while my groin area was sore. I couldn't help but scream out and cry. They both chuckled as Dirk continued to thrust the life out of me.

Jacob glanced at me and licked his lips. He smirked and made his way towards me on the side of the bed. He got in the bed and put both legs on both sides of my head, so his 'friend' was dangling above my mouth. He kneeled in front of me and opened my mouth with his fingers. He then placed all of himself inside of my mouth, and the tears continued to stream down my face.

He began moving his hips and lowing himself in the back of my throat. I had to vomit and my entire body was aching. Dirk continued to ram into me, even while I was practically choking.

Jacob began chanting "Suck it bitch!", and I felt his hands around my neck. He began to lightly choke me. I threw up a little and I began to feel light headed. Jacob's grip became tighter, and vomit projected out of my mouth and on to lower half. Little pieces also hit Dirk's face. Both men immediately stopped and glared at me. Dirk roughly removed himself from me and wiped his face. Jacob slapped me and quickly ran into the bathroom.

Both men showered one after the other, then as I was about to get in, they both got in with me. It was an awkward silence while I washed myself. Then after I was clean, Jacob bent me over and grabbed my waist as he shoved himself inside of me.

Dirk smirked and grabbed a towel and left the bathroom. He came back shortly with a video camera. Both men chuckled. Then Without warning, Jacob started ramming the life out of me.

Dirk stood behind the camera smirking. My head was throbbing and my body was sore. I began to cry and whimper.

"Can you guys please stop?" I begged.

Two thrusts later, Jacob chuckled.. "Bro, why is she talking? Come fill her mouth up."

Dirk placed the camera on the stand, and quickly placed his member inside of my mouth.

"Suck it, You don't want to get beat again, now do you?" Dirk said as he slapped my ass.

I took a deep breath and tried to balance out how I'd give oral sex and get penetrated at the same time. I began to suck on his member as I was being penetrated in my lower half. I sucked as good as I could so he could hurry up and cum.

Ten minutes later both men climaxed inside of me. They quickly exited my room and I was left in the bathroom.

I couldn't believe I was raped, and filmed. In a matter of time, the tapes would be leaked and I'd be a porn star. My life is over.



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