Chapter 1- Places

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   3rd person POV

   Drake, Grayson, and Flame all followed Flare through a destroyed village.

   "Don't you think we should be going to the Red Keep?" Drake asked.

   "We should check this out first. And to be honest, I don't want to go back there. You do remember everything was burnt down and destroyed right?" asked Grayson. Drake groaned in defeat.

   "Yes, I remember," said Drake. Flare spread her wings and stopped everyone in their tracks.

   "Shh," she whispered, peering around one of the ruins. She quickly shoved the others against the wall, just as a nightmare flew by.

   "Thanks," said Flame, "I didn't hear it."

   "It's fine, just pay attention, all of you, next time," Flare answered, motioning for them to follow as she began to move once again. Everyone followed.

   "Do you think he knows we're here?" asked Grayson.

   "He always knows where we are," said Drake. Flare sighed and kept walking. She hated it when Drake got like that. It almost seemed like he had no hope. Flare slowed to a stop in front of a burnt house.

   "Why are we here?" Flame asked, staring at the black, ashy walls towering above her. Flare opened the door and walked inside, making the floor creak.

   "There's something in here. I can feel it's power," Flare answered, drawing her sword. The others followed behind, keeping guard. Flare walked over to a wall with a strange sign on it. She examined it carefully, taking in every detail. The she lifted her hand when no one was paying attention to her and pressed the sign.

   The wall immediately turned, taking Flare with it. She disappeared on the other side, just as Flame saw it happen.

   "Flare!" she shouted, banging on the wall. Three other bangs could be heard as a reply. Then, just as Flame was beginning to relax, Flare screamed in terror on the other side.

   Flare's POV

   All I saw was a vision of Armen's face, then a burning headache blasted through my head, making me scream. I collapsed on he ground, my vision growing blurry. I could hear the others trying to get in, but they couldn't. When I went to the other side, so did the button. It could only be opened from one side. Someone held out a hand, and I glanced up at the person.

   "Are you in pain?" he asked, in an extremely familiar voice. My vision cleared and I gasped at who was standing over me. A.. Armen?! I thought, seeing Armen's aqua eye that wasn't white.

   "I.. Was," I said, taking his hand. He helped me stand and he smiled.

   "I've been following you. I'm not all bad you know," he said. My headache faded away quickly after I made contact with his hand.

   "But.. Why did you harm us before?" I asked, confused.

   "I was trying to scare you, I didn't mean to truly harm you. When you go back, tell Grayson I'm sorry about the burns," Armen said. I smiled, knowing for a fact he wasn't lying. Armen is a terrible liar.

   "You are here for a reason. You know the prophecy don't you?" he asked.

   I shook my head.

   "Would you like to?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. He grinned and teleported us to another place. A place in the Red Keep.

   "Welcome to the magi guild. The place where all the scrolls are written and recorded by magi's magic. It's here," he said, a scroll forming in front of him and dropping open. He handed it to me and I read.

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