1-Out of Control

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Song of the chapter: I love it by Icona Pop
Finn's P.O.V

I grabbed my nose as Zach retrieved his fist from my nose. Yep it was bleeding. There was a crowd forming around us. Some were picking sides. Others were filming it. I rolled my eyes. Fantastic.Then I grabbed Zach from the collar of his shirt and slammed him against a nearby table in the cafeteria. Why were we fighting, you ask? See this prick sat were I always sat. Then he didn't want to move! Everybody knows that's my spot!

"Finnegan McMullen and Zachary Smith! What in the damn blazes are you doing!?" Mr.Valencia roared as he stormed inside the cafeteria. He grabbed us both by our collars and dragged us out the hall.

He turned around and yelled "Don't you all have classes to attend to?!" . The crowd dispersed to different directions. He dragged us down the hall to his office.

See Mr.Valencia is a son of a female dog who just happens to be our principal. But to make things worse he can't stand me. Literally since day one he's been at me like a dog and his tail; always chasing never getting anywhere. He opened the door to his office after he stormed on the 'lobby' of some sort were the vice principals office is and stuff. He slammed the door once the three of us entered and sat at his desk. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.

"Can you tell me why you decided to act like cavemen and ruin the cafeteria with your filthy bloodstains?" He said through gritted teeth. I sat down and scratched my now bleeding nose.

"Well, he did it on purpose. Everyone knows it's my table. Me and my friend's table." I explained simply.

"Zachary I expected more from you." He said shaking his head disappointedly. Zach just bowed his head down like a dog. I snorted.

"And you McMullen. We have to do something about this. This is neither healthy nor acceptable. I will call your parents for a meeting right now. Smith you may leave now." Mr.Valencia spoke. I slumped in my chair. Mr.Valencia went to his storage room and called my parents. I started humming. When Mr.Valencia came back, he sat down again and rested his head in his hands and sighed again and again.

"Your parents are coming." Mr.Valencia said in a muffled voice because his head was in his hands. I shrugged.

"It doesn't matter anymore; he could care less." I crossed my arms.

"You could at least make an effort to like Mandy. Finn losing a parent is no walk in the park but...doing these types of things. Vandalizing,fighting,getting bad grades. All in all being as you kids would say a douche." That made me laugh a little "Mandy is not a bad person. But you will only get to know her if you give her the chance." Mr.Valencia finished.

"See the problem is not Mandy nor Sophie. The problem, my problem his him. A year after she died he was dating and six months after that I had a new stepmom and a half sister. Hayden and me were still moping and coping without her and he just found Mandy and married her." I explained. "And the fact is that I don't want to get to know her."

"Maybe you should. Hayden and Sophie look up to you even though you don't notice. Delilah would be sad if she saw you like this Finn." He said. How dare he say her name.

A knock was heard throughout the office and Mrs.Jenkins head popped in.

"Sorry Mr.Valencia but Mr. and Mrs. McMullen are here." She said.

"Send them in." Mrs.Jenkins nodded and left. Then a minute or so later my dad and Mandy came in looking pissed, mostly my dad.

"Mr. And Mrs. McMullen please take a seat." They sat. They were glaring at me. Mandy with a disappointed look and my dad...well I'm dead. Bury me now.

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