“Dude, have you seen my keys?” Jedrek pop his head through my door.

I frown and shook my head “no man”

He groans in frustration and left. Jedrek, my twin brother, is the messiest person I know.

He’s not the gross kind though. He’s actually pretty clean when it comes to his body but when we talk about his ‘stuff’ then that’s when messy comes in.

You should have seen his room.

I open my closet and took a clean towel. “Dude, I’m going to head first okay” jedrek called.

“Did you find your keys, yet?” I called back while headed to the bathroom, which is located between both of our bedrooms.

“Nope, I called someone to come and get me. See yah!” and ran down the stairs.

I shook my head. Between the two of us, Jedrek is the most outgoing one.

He likes to go out and hang with his friends while I like to just hang inside the house.

I’m not a loner, mind you. I have friends too. I want to stay at a place where it’s quiet and the only two things that I can hear are the clock ticking and my own thoughts.

“Shit!” I hiss when I step into something. I looked down only to see Jedrek’s car keys lying at the bathroom floor.

“Oh good, you’re still here” my mom breathed. She turns her head, looking for jedrek. “jed already left? That’s funny, I thought he hated school?”

I smiled “he hates it mom, but he likes the people there”

She rolled her eyes “remind me to tell your father to buy a new set of condoms”

I nodded.

Yes, my parents know my brother’s schemes. They’re okay with it. They understand.

As long as, Jedrek doesn’t get someone pregnant, it’s okay.

My parents even set an appointment for my brother for his monthly check-ups. Aids are contagious, you know.

“So, what else? Oh yeah. Good luck on your first day”

I rolled my eyes.

“What? Cant a mother wishes her eighteen year old boy a good luck on his first day?”

I gave her a look.

“okay. Fine. I have an appointment tonight. So your dad’s going to cook. Please, brad, help your dad. You know, he’s not that good at cooking.”

I chuckles. Dad always wanted to cook every time he had a chance. He said it’s as if he’s a chef on the TV every time he cooks.

“Okay” I replied “and yes, it’s okay to wishes his son on the first day…you know while it lasts”

Her shoulders drop “what do you mean by that?” she asked in a serious voice.

“Just saying we’ll be in college soon and-“

“Before that, there’s still junior and senior. So stop that!”

I grin. I love it when I tease her and then she’ll be like a protective mother.

I held both of my hands up “just kidding!” and laughs

She shook her head. I kissed her and headed for the door.

“Your car is the garage, son”

“No, I’m using Jed’s. I’m gonna return his key” showing her Jed’s key and shoving them in my pockets. “See yah”

“Here’s your schedule Mr. Knight.” Mrs. Murphy handed me my schedule. “Welcome back” I muttered a thanks and left.

I read my schedule as I walked down the hall.

8:15-9:15 Homeroom and Math

9:30-10:20 Free Period

10:30- 11:30 English Lit.

11:30- 12:30  lunch

12:40-1:30 Physical Ed.

2:00-3:00 biology

3:30 S.P newsletter (special club)

“Branded!” someone called me so I turn around and saw Monica running towards me.

“What’s up?” I greeted.

“I just wanted to say that I won’t be able to make it at the club later, can you tell that to Mr. Ross?” she panted

“Why not?” I curiously asked. Monica, the most hyper student of Saint Peter, is the editor of the school’s newspaper.

“Oh you don’t remember? I volunteered to guide the new girl”

I remember her saying that she’ll be assisting a disabled girl.

“For the rest of your high school year?” I sneer.

“Stop it! She’s my new best friend. She’s really pretty!”  She pouted.

I looked around looking for her ‘new best friend’ “so where is she?”

“In the office, I saw you outside Mr. Mars’ office so I told her to wait me there and ran after you” she explained

I nodded. “Are you sure, you can handle her?”

She raises her head “of course, I can. Besides this will be like a practice to me, you know”

Oh yes, I know. She always wanted to be a nurse. She wanted to be a different kind of nurse. She likes to assist disabled people or old people or autistic people.

She’s like that.

“And I’ll just gonna guide her around. She’s not as if she’s sitting on a wheelchair or even worse. She’s just blind”

I blink. I thought she was assisting something kind of a special child or anything.  I sigh “okay, good. At least she can walk and eat by herself then”

She glared at me. I raised my hands to surrender “what?”

“Nothing. Okay, class is starting soon. I’ll just go get her. See you at lunch and you’ll get to meet her” she winks at me. “See you, cousin”

Yes, she is my cousin.

 what? did you think she was my girlfriend? no, she is not. I have'nt got a girlfriend since... i dunno... since I was born. I'm not like Jed that changes his girl every month or weeks.

I just have'nt meet 'the one' yet... you probably think I'm cheesy becabe Iuse I think so too.

Maybe I'll met her this year... who knows.

“Who knows..."

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