First kiss. BSM.

(Starring...*drum roll* Luke Hemmings:))

Harry age 14.

"C'mon Y/N! It's just a peck!" Your dance teacher groans becoming irritated that you weren't cooperating.

You had to do a duet with one of the boy dancers and at the end of the dance you had to peck him on the lips. Uhhh no!

"Can't I go like this?" You ask and use your thumb to cover your lips.

"Can you go like this?" Your dance teacher mocks before laughing. Harry and Luke were hear watching in amusement.

"But..I-ugh!" You groaned, embarrassed.

"I don't wanna have to kiss!" You whined and Luke walked up to you with his arms out and you just stared but when his palms covered your ears and fingers trapped your head and he bent down and you squeezed your eyes closed as he pecked your lips before pushing your head away.

"There." He smirks before walking back to a shocked Harry and winks at him before walking out.

"Wait a minute! Luke! Get back here!" Harry shouts after him and you stay stunned just staring at your dance teacher who shrugs and grins.


Ok this idea just popped into my head from a dance moms episode I watched and since my two favorite people in the world are Harry Styles and Luke Hemmings, I decided to write this lol.

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