Chapter 37

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Hanna's POV

I cant believe I am now at the hospital, waiting to hear news about Emily...

"Miss Marin we need to make some questions to you" Officer Tanner says

"About what?" My mom asks her

"About the accident...we would like to try, to discover who was the person that made them crash" She says and I follow her so she can asks me about what happened.

I sit and she starts with her questions.

"So you didn't saw who this person was?"

"I told, I don't know" I say getting a little angry because I don't have fucking idea who it was

" can leave now" She says and I exit the room fast so I can go and check Em.

I arrive to the room where she is and I see that Em's mom is stills there so I enter...

"What did the doctor say?"

"She is going to wake up in a few hours" Pam says and I sit in one of the chairs next to the bed

"I hope she wakes up soon" I say looking at Emily...she got a hard injurie on her chest...but she will be fine.

We both are fine....well I got my leg really injured but I am trying not to think about it because I want to be next to Emily as much as possible.

"Excuse me..." my mom says entering the room "Hanna let's go to check o. Your leg, pease"

"Mom I told you I done want to" I say Been stubborn

"Hanna honey, you should go" Pam says and I do as I'm told...

I go to check leg...and I am okay I didn't break anything thank God.

I just need to rest and take some pain killers.

When. I was going back to Em's room someone grabs me from behind and I see that is Aria.

"Whats up with you?"

"Why is crazy Santana, outside?" Aria says and she looks scared

"How do I know? I came here in an ambulance" I say lolling at her confused

"Oh thats right. Are you okay?"

"My leg hurts, but yeah I am fine"

"Can I see Em?" Aria asks and we enter Em's room and she stays with me because Pam left to talk with the police

"I hope she wakes up soon" I say yawning a little

"Are you tired?" Aria says

"A lot" I say and I put my head next to Em's hand and I fall asleep just feeling her besides me

Em's POV

I start to wake up and I see that I am in a room...a hospital room.

I look around and I see Aria walking towards the bed

"How are you feeling?" Aria asks me

"I feel kinda good" I say and my chest hurts a little I try to move my left hand but I cant and I see that is became Hanna is laying her head on my hand and she looks cute

"Is she okay?" I say pointing at Hanna with other hand

"Yes...her knee is hurting a little but she is fine" Aria tells me and my mom comes into the room

"Em sweety, how are you feeling?" My mom says and I tell her how  i am.

"Hello" I hear a voice saying and is my cousin Camila "are you okay? I was so worried!" Camila says and hugs me, been careful.

"Yes" I say and I smile at her.

I feel Hanna moving and I see that she is waking up

"Em...babe!!" Hanna says sitting next to me in bed and kissing my head " I am glad you are fine"

*Next Day*

I am in my house resting now. I had such a horrible night at the hospital...but thank God now I am here.

"I have to go, to the Brew to buy food...okay? I be back" Cami says and I nod

"Don't worry please...I am old enough to talecare of myself" I say laughing a little

She exits my room and I stay watching a movie.

I hear someone calling on the door and I make the effort to go and open it.

I open and I see that is Alison

"Omg thank God you are okay"Alison says hugging me

" were right, about someone following us" I say and I grab her hand taking her to my room

We sit on my bed and we start talking about random things.

Hanging with Alison is actually pretty cool.

"Do you remember when we fall in the mud" Alison says and we start laughing

"I remember... Hahaha the good old times"

"Yeah...I wish I could bring those moments back" Alison says giving me a shy smile

"Well we always can make new memories" I say to Alison with a shy smile

"Maybe...but I would like to make them with you been mine" Alison says and I blush "I was so dumb for not fighting for you....last night I was so scared for you...Thank God nothing happened to you and Hanna obviously"


"I think I know who is the person behind"


"I think it was" Alison starts speaking but she was cut off by a voice

"What are you doing here?"

Alison and I look at each other because I don't know what to say about Alison been here.

"She was seeing if I was fine" I say to Camila that looks a little mad

"I better go" Alison says getting up "i call you later" she says and leaves the room

Camila sits next to me and she doesn't say anything.

"start speaking" I say

"Why was she here?" Cami asks

"Well...she was just making me company...and she actually has an idea of who was the crazy person that made us crash"

"What If she is lying Em...I love you, but what If she is lying to come near you" Camila says and lays her bed in my lap

"Don't worry...she is just trying to help...last night she was the one that told me about the person following Hanna and me" I tell Camila and she looks at me

"Omg...and what did you guys do?"

"Well we got out of the restaurant...and make our way home, but the car attacked us" I say stroking Camila's hair

"I hope nothing more happens"

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