Chapter 3. ~ Lillian

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Standing outside Tess’ room, I could feel her sadness and anger. I raised my fist to knock but I hesitated. There was no sound coming from her room yet I knew she was in there. What if she didn’t want to see anyone? I knocked anyway. No answer. Next thing I knew, I was sitting on the edge of Tess’s bed, stroking her hair as she cried silently into her pillow.

“You okay?” What kind of question was that? Of course she wasn’t okay.

I woke up next morning lying on Tess’ bed. It was 7am. We had to leave for school soon. After waking her up, a quick shower and breakfast, we were ready for school. Neither of us mentioned last night’s argument. And I was thankful for it.

When we arrived at school, there was a group of students coming our way. “Well Mum did say we had to try and make friends.” I murmured.

“That she did.” Tess agreed. “Here we go.”

The group appeared in front of us, chattering excitedly. It was only a group of seven so it wasn’t that bad. “Tess and Lillian isn’t it?” Said a voice from the back, “We didn’t see you guys yesterday.” A girl with fiery red hair said, pushing her way to the front of the group.

“Yeah well,” Tess replied in an unsure voice, “We sort of wanted to sit alone. You know, so we could get used to things.”

“Really?” A boy with black hair said, “I would have thought that you would want to hang out with other people.”

“I guess not.” The red head giggled, clinging onto his arm. My guess was that they were together.

“Anyway,” The boy with the black hair continued, “I’m Will and this my girlfriend Emily.” Tess nodded. “This is my brother Lucas.” Another boy who looked a lot like Will, except with brown hair, stepped forward. I gave a little wave.

Another girl stepped forward. She had blond hair that fell around her shoulders. “I’m Kala. I’m in your homeroom class.”

“Oh yeah.” I answered, “I remember.” The bell went and we all started heading off towards our lockers.

“I’m Jaden.” Another boy with curly black hair said as we walked. “This is Billy.” He pointed to another boy who had black hair with a blond streak up one side. “That is his girlfriend Talia.” Talia smiled at us. She had sharp blue eyes and light brown hair cut short.

“Hey.” Tess and I said in unison. The others seemed to be waiting for us to say ‘jinx’ or something but we said things in unison so often, we didn’t need to.

“Well,” Kala said uncomfortably, “I’ll see you guys in Homeroom then.”

“Yeah,” I said, equally uncomfortable, “See you.”

After Homeroom and a few more introductions, I went off to English while Tess joined Lucas and Kala for History. I sighed. As far as I know, no one I knew was in my English class. “Oh well, more introductions.” I sighed. I trudged off towards the class room.

After about twenty minutes of class, we were interrupted by a knock at the door. A boy was standing outside. A few of the girls sighed happily when they saw him. He had sandy blonde hair and soft blue eyes. “Sorry I’m late miss,” He said when the teacher let him in, “I missed the bus.”

“That’s alright Chris.” She said as she waved him in, “Just try not to miss it next time.” He smirked and took a seat in front of me. I stared at the back of his head, wanting for some reason, to touch his hair. He turned to face me and I quickly looked back at my book. He smiled.

“You’re the new girl right?” he asked. I looked at his smiling face and nodded. His smile widened as he extended his hand. “The names Chris.” I gave him a small smile as I shook it. The girl sitting next to me gazed at our hands and gave a small sigh of longing.

“Chris.” The teacher said to him sternly. “Stop bothering Lillian and get on with your work.”

“Yes miss.” He winked at me and turned around. He was attractive, I have to admit. I smiled again as I returned to my work.

After our double, while everyone was rushing off to lunch, Chris stayed behind. He lent on his desk and watched me pack up my things. I didn’t look at him yet I knew he was watching me. Once I had gathered all my things, I walked briskly towards the door. On my way out, I dropped my books and I ducked to pick them up. Chris had beat me to it. I blushed as he handed me my things. I muttered my thanks and rushed out the door.

I had never acted this way towards a guy before. Sure, I had had a few boyfriends back in England, but I never acted like this. I was so deep in thought, I didn’t realise I had walked straight past my locker. I kept walking until I realised I didn’t know where I was. I swore under my breath. I hadn’t been in this part of the school before. I turned around and tried to backtrack my steps. I ended up even more lost than I was before. “Where am I?” I asked myself.

“Need some help getting to your locker?” I jumped. I whipped around to find Chris standing behind me.

“Jesus! Don’t sneak up on people like that.” He smiled and took my books from my shaking hands.

“Sorry.” I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out, so I just stood there, opening and closing my mouth like a fish. He smirked and put his hand on my chin and closed it for me. “Come on.” He said, walking off.

~So Lillian has met Chris. It is obvious that a lot of girls like him but he is still a mystery character. I wonder how he and Tess will meet?~

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